Goal Setting Worksheet



Instructions and Guidelines

What are goals?

Goals are statements of end results expected within a specified period of time.

How are goals defined?

For each goal, describe the end result and indicate quantity, quality, time frame, percentages or other specific measures. Each goal should fit into and support the overall strategy of the Business Unit.

What are some examples?

- To meet or exceed all financial targets set in the annual business plan.

- To assure that all employees understand our strategy/tactics, and have incorporated them into the individual goals they have set for themselves and their staff for the year.

- To hire, develop and retain people with multicultural skills, where relevant.

- To build broker alliances thereby producing growth in the numbers of captives under management

- To complete inspection reports within 30 days from last date of inspection using format and inspection protocol described in serving instructions.

- To achieve at least _____ billable hours/year.

- To consolidate results on a quarterly basis.

When are they set?

Annually, each January.

By whom?

Goals should be set through mutual agreement between employee and supervisor.

How many?

Usually 4 or more. However, each CEO may require a minimum number of goals, or may establish common goals which are to be included on every employee's worksheet.

May they be revised?

Goals may be carried forward from the previous year, revised, added or deleted during the review period as necessary.

Who should have an individual goals worksheet?

Each CEO will determine the group, i.e., all employees will set goals, or all employees but professional and/or technical staff will set goals, or all employees but support staff will set goals, etc.)

Individual Goals Worksheet

Name: ________________________________________ Date: __________

Position: ____________________ Company/Office: ____________________

1. Goal:

Year-end comments:

2. Goal:

Year-end comments:

3. Goal:

Year-end comments:

4. Goals:

Year-end comments:

5. Goal:

Year-end comments:

6. Goal:

Year-end comments:

7. Goal:

Year-end comments:

I have read and understand my goals.

Employee: _____________________________________ Date: __________


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