WARN Notice Letter


This sample courtesy of the Law Firm of Ray & Isler, Vienna VA


To: ___________________________ ____________________________
      Name of Employee                            Position

Date: __________________________

As has been previously announced, ABC Company will experience a reduction in its workforce, and a number of employees of ABC Company will experience layoffs, as a result of a significant downturn in business and a resulting corporate-wide reorganization. This notice, which is issued in compliance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, is to inform you that you are likely to be laid off due to the loss of business revenue and related reorganization. The purpose of this notice is to provide you with the answers to some questions that you may have regarding your layoff so that you can prepare to locate other employment. The information provided below represents the best information available to the company at the time this notice was issued.

  1. Is my layoff going to be permanent or can I expect to be recalled to employment at some time in the future?

    At this time, you should consider your layoff to be permanent. As part of the corporate reorganization, ABC Company will attempt to continue operation of its manufacturing facilities by obtaining additional contracts or new business. If these efforts are successful, some employees may be maintained or recalled to work. However, because the success of such efforts are entirely unknown at this time, no ABC Company employee who is being laid off should count on being recalled to employment with the Company.

  2. When will the layoffs begin and when am I likely to be laid off?

    ABC Company expects layoffs to begin around _______ The layoffs may come in stages, depending upon the need for workers as the joint venture moves towards dissolution. Your employment is likely to end around ________ but your layoff may be sooner or later, again depending upon the business need to maintain workers as the full impact of the business downturn and the resulting corporate reorganization becomes known.

  3. Do I have any right to "bump" other employees from their jobs based on my seniority with the company?

    ABC Company does not recognize strict seniority rights, but may take seniority into consideration as a factor in determining which employees to lay off and the timing of each employee's layoff. Seniority also will be considered as a factor in recalling employees, should ABC Company be successful in maintaining operation of the facilities. However, seniority will be just one factor in these decisions, and other factors, such as business necessity, expertise, and past performance, also will be taken into account in making these decisions.

  4. Will the company be providing any severance benefits to employees who are laid off?

    The company has established a Reduction in Force Policy and a Severance Pay Plan to provide employees with further information regarding their employee benefits and to assist employees during this difficult time. If you have not received a copy of either the Reduction in Force Policy or the Severance Pay Plan summary plan description, you may obtain copies by contacting ________ at (703) ___-_____.

  5. Who can I contact for further information?

    If you have further questions or need additional information, you may contact ____________ at (___) ___-____.


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