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What Is the SHRM Live Help Service


Important Information About the SHRM Live Help Service

Live Help is an interactive online messaging feature that connects you directly to a SHRM Knowledge Advisors for direct assistance with practical human resource-related questions. Live Help is usually accessible during regular SHRM business hours (Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time).

How does it work?

Just click the live help button and answer a few quick questions. You usually will be connected within seconds and, depending upon your question and the volume of other requests, you may be able to get information or a resource to review during your brief chat conversation. If no one is available at that moment to respond, you will be given the option of sending us an email instead. Only those in possession of a full level SHRM membership in their own name are eligible to use the Live Help system for assistance with HR questions.

Can all questions be answered via Live Help?

No. Because Live Help is interactive, it is intended for brief or simple requests that can be resolved quickly with an online link or "off the cuff" answer rather than those requiring research. Complex issues are best addressed by phone or email to ensure you receive the best response to your request. If your question takes more than a few lines to type or you have several questions about an issue, you'll receive the best service using phone or email. SHRM cannot provide legal advice and cannot provide resources via Live Help that are not readily available on the internet.

Why does it sometimes take a minute or two for an initial greeting or a response?

There may sometimes be a brief delay before you see a response for many reasons, the most likely of which is that we may be chatting with up to two visitors per SHRM staff member at one time.In addition, our staff may be pulling up a link to provide you or another member with a response to a question. We may also be reviewing your membership record to answer your question most effectively. We always respond as quickly as possible, but complicated requests or those requiring research may result in delays of up to a minute or two or may need email follow-up. Live Help is busiest late in the day when more individuals tend to be on the SHRM website conducting Internet research. You might want to try it again at a less busy time of day or contact SHRM by email or phone.

Who are the "live persons" on the other end of Live Help?

Live Help is brought to you by the SHRM Knowledge Center -- the same SHRM Staff who answer your HR-related questions (all former HR professionals) via SHRM phone and email services. Many of our staff take turns on Live Help, so different people may be "on" at different times of the dayPlease note - Live Help is provided by SHRM as a general information service and is not a substitute for legal or other professional advice.

What happens when Live Help is closed?

If the button indicates that Live Help is closed, you can select from the choices on the contact page to submit a request via email or phone to the HR Knowledge Center. Our goal is to respond to all requests whether by email, phone, or live help, as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. Please submit your request only once via the communication method you most prefer. Repeated submissions cause delays in response time. Are there any restrictions on the use of Live Help?

Yes. This service is an exclusive benefit for our professional-level members, and is therefore subject to the same "Member Only" access rules normally followed for all SHRM member only resources and benefits. Anyone using a name and membership number on SHRM online is attesting to the statement below. Members have an ethical obligation to ensure their membership number is not used by anyone else to access SHRM online, including Live Help, for HR assistance.

By entering a name and member number here, you acknowledge that the number you are using for access to this service is your own individual SHRM membership number. You further recognize that SHRM membership is not a corporate or organizational membership and is individually based. Any use by non-members is explicitly forbidden and is considered a professional and ethical violation as well as theft of member-funded services reserved for the exclusive use of members.

Students wishing to receive answers to specific HR-related questions must first convert to professional-level membership.

Can I get a record of the discussion I have?

Yes. At the conclusion of your chat you may choose to provide an email address where a transcript of your session will be sent within seconds. If you have a popup blocker enabled, however, you will need to disable it to use this service properly.

What if I have a follow up question?

Any follow up questions will be directed back to the advisor that first assisted you. As not all advisors are in chat at any one time, it is best to call in by phone and either ask for the advisor that first assisted you, or ask us to look up their name so that we may transfer you to them.

Are you a SHRM member with a quick HR-related question?
Talk to a SHRM Knowledge Advisor online.*

*Important information about the Live Help service - please read

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