Conduct & Working Environment



It is this Company’s policy that employees maintain a working environment that encourages mutual respect, promotes civil and congenial relationships among employees and is free from all forms of harassment and violence.


This policy identifies the respective responsibilities of the Company and its employees regarding conduct and the working environment.


Employees are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner as judged by a reasonable person.

Employees have the right to conduct their work without disorderly or undue interference from other employees. The Company prohibits employees from violating this right of their co-workers.

The Company encourages a congenial work environment of respect and professionalism. Therefore, the Company prohibits employees from harming or threatening to harm other employees, clients, vendors, visitors or property belonging to any of these parties. This prohibition includes but is not limited to acts such as:

o Physically harming others.

o Verbally abusing others.

o Using intimidation tactics and making threats.

o Sabotaging another's work.

o Stalking others.

o Making malicious, false and harmful statements about others.

o Publicly disclosing another's private information.

Employees are responsible for maintaining their work area in a neat and professional manner.

Employees are responsible for assuring the security of Company confidential/proprietary material in their possession and similarly maintaining the security of the Company-provided equipment. Employees concerned for the security of their work area or equipment must inform their supervisor of such concerns.

The Company reserves the right to search unlocked and/or publicly used Company property at any time without consent. The Company may request a search of personal property at the worksite or locked company property assigned to an individual if there is reasonable suspicion that evidence of illegal or prohibited activities resides therein. Refusal of such a request may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The Company may take disciplinary action against employees whose conduct violates this or other Company policies and practices. The supervisor should consult the department manager and/or the Human Resources Manager on such matters.

For discussion of weapons in the workplace, please see the Company's Drug, Alcohol and Weapons Policy. For discussion of harassment, please see the Company's Anti-Harassment Policy.

Reviewed/Revised March 2010


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