Educational Assistance Policy



[Company name] will reimburse an employee up to a maximum of $[amount] per year for continuing education through an accredited program that either offers growth in an area related to his or her current position or that may lead to promotional opportunities. This education may include college credit courses, continuing education unit courses, seminars and certification tests that are job-related.

An employee must secure a passing grade of "B" or its equivalent or obtain a certification to receive any reimbursement. Expenses must be validated by receipts and a copy of the final grade or certification received.


Full-time, regular employees who have completed six-months of employment are eligible under this policy.

To receive reimbursement for educational expenses, employees should follow the procedures listed here:

  • Prior to enrolling in an educational course, the employee must provide his or her manager with information about the course for which he or she would like to receive reimbursement and discuss the job-relatedness of the continuing education.
  • A tuition reimbursement request form should be completed by the employee, and the appropriate signatures obtained.
  • A copy of the tuition reimbursement request form must be submitted to HR. The employee will maintain the original until he or she has completed the educational course.
  • Once the course is successfully completed, the employee should resubmit the original tuition reimbursement request form with the reimbursement section filled out, including appropriate signatures, as well as receipts and evidence of a passing grade or certification attached.
  • The HR department will coordinate the reimbursement with the finance department. 


Any questions or comments related to this policy should be directed to the HR department.



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