New-Hire Orientation Process



The welcoming of new employees is a collaborative effort that includes human resources (HR), the hiring department and other teams throughout [Company Name]. Preparing for new hires and providing appropriate guidance and information during the first several days of employment can ensure success. This short-term orientation process is not a replacement for onboarding of employees to their specific role and department, which is a more detailed and longer process.

First Day

HR will meet with the new hire at the start of his or her first day of work to complete new-hire paperwork, prepare key and ID cards, and review benefits information.

Hiring managers should be well-prepared for an employee's first day at work and should welcome new hires with the following:

  • Workstations set up with appropriate equipment and supplies.
  • Introductions to co-workers and a tour of the facilities.
  • A buddy assigned to coordinate onboarding activities.
  • Lunch with the hiring manager.
  • An overview of the department's mission, values and key policies.

A new-hire checklist is available to facilitate this orientation process.

Orientation Meeting

New hires will be scheduled to attend an orientation meeting within the first week of employment. The meeting will be conducted in one full day and will include the following:

Human Resources  

  • Introduction to the company, its mission, functions and culture.
  • Review of company organizational chart.
  • Employee handbook review.
  • Benefits plan information, discussion and preliminary enrollment.


  • Safety and health policies reviews—safety, fire, emergency evacuation, job-related safety issues.

Key Administrative Policies

  • Anti-harassment policy review and discussion.
  • Policy reviews—pay periods, travel, personal vehicle use, training requests.
  • Administrative procedures—security, computer systems and logins, telephone systems, supplies and equipment.

Department Overviews

  • An overview provided by a management representative from each [Company Name] department about the purpose of and functions within his or her department.
  • A discussion led by a management representative from each [Company Name] department focusing on frequently asked questions as well as individual questions from participating new hires.


Time spent completing new-hire paperwork and time spent in the orientation meeting are considered hours worked. Each employee's time card should reflect the time engaged in the orientation program as paid hours and should be coded appropriately.



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