Cellphone Use Policy



This policy outlines the use of cellphones at work and the safe use of cellphones by employees while driving.


Cellphones should be turned off or set to silent or vibrate mode during meetings, conferences and in any circumstance where incoming calls may be disruptive.

Personal cellphones

While at work, employees are expected to exercise discretion in using personal cellphones. Excessive personal calls during the workday can interfere with employee productivity and be distracting to others. Employees are encouraged to make any personal calls during nonwork time when possible and to ensure that friends and family members are aware of [Company Name]'s policy.

[Company Name] will not be liable for the loss of personal cellphones brought into the workplace.

Company-provided cellphones

When job duties or business needs demand, the company may issue a business cellphone to an employee for work-related communications. Personal use of company-owned cellphones should be kept to a minimum.

Employees in possession of company-owned cellphones are expected to protect the equipment from loss, damage or theft. Upon resignation or termination of employment, or at any time on request, the employee may be asked to produce the phone for return or inspection.

Safety issues for cellphone use

All employees are expected to follow applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding the use of cellphones at all times.

Employees whose job responsibilities include regular or occasional driving and who are issued a cellphone for business use are expected to refrain from using their phone while driving; use of a cellphone while driving is not required by the company. Safety must come before all other concerns. Regardless of the circumstances, including slow or stopped traffic, employees are required to use hands-free operations or pull off to the side of the road and safely stop the vehicle before placing or accepting a call. Employees are encouraged to refrain from discussion of complicated or emotional matters and to keep their eyes on the road while driving at all times. Special care should be taken in situations where there is traffic or inclement weather, or the employee is driving in an unfamiliar area.

Hands-free equipment will be provided with company-issued phones to facilitate the provisions of this policy.

Reading or sending text messages while driving is strictly prohibited.

Employees who are charged with traffic violations resulting from the use of their phone while driving will be solely responsible for all liabilities that result from such actions.

Video or audio recording devices

The use of camera or other video or audio recording-capable devices on company premises is prohibited without the express prior permission of senior management and of the person(s) subject to recording. Video or audio recording in restrooms and/or locker rooms is strictly prohibited.

Consequences for Violators

Employees violating this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of employment.

Employee Acknowledgement

The undersigned employee acknowledges that he or she has read the cellphone use policy and agrees to comply with all terms of the policy.


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