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SHRM is pleased to work with Simpliance for latest Gazette Notifications, Amendments, Acts and Rules

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About Simpliance

Simpliance is India's largest digital platform for automated Statutory Compliance Management and Online Statutory Audits helping businesses comply with Indian Labour laws. The cloud-based software is adopted by leading law & audit firms and large corporates for its real-time, accurate and self-configuring legal engine.

Simpliance also hosts more than 70,000 pages of catalogued labour laws including acts, amendments, minimum wages, professional tax etc. Simpliance is also monitoring the New Labour Codes closely on a real-time basis to help you and your business get instant updates on the new amendments. Visit to know more.

  • If you are a SHRM Member please login with your membership credentials first and follow the below steps to access Simpliance e-library:
    1. Step 1. Visit
    2. Step 2. Click on Login (right corner of the website)
    3. Step3. Click on E-Library Login
    4. Step 4. Click on SHRM logo under ‘Sign in Using‘
    5. Step 5. Access the Simpliance Portal.

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