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Learning is not what it used to be. Tugging to break free from classrooms, it can now be seen backslapping with new media and gamification; exploring concepts of flipped classrooms and micro-learning; while going steady with the old and faithful e-learning. The one thing about learning that is unchanging however, is its need to be designed. Wherever it goes, whatever it becomes, to be effective, it must have design by its side, always.
Instructional Design - Communication & Effectiveness is a 2-day classroom program that aims at imparting five core Instructional Design (ID) skills to participants; determining learning needs, defining measurable learning outcomes, devising teaching methods, planning for content development and planning for evaluation of learning effectiveness. These core skills constitute the basic framework of ID that can help you design and manage learning regardless of the media. To ensure an effective skill transfer to the workplace, this program also provides a host of Job Aids, a comprehensive course book that serves as a go-to reference material long after the workshop.

Instructional Design - Communication & Effectiveness is for L&D professionals who have 2-3 years of experience or more in facilitation, training management, teaching, content development and e-learning design - who are looking for a systematic process-based approach to their work. Learning professionals who manage a team of vendors for design quality, will also find this program valuable

Program Outcomes

At the end of the two day program, you will be able to:

  1. Use the given templates and Job Aids to write a comprehensive learning design document for the creation of an engaging learning intervention that balances both individual learning needs and workplace requirements
  2. Identify concrete steps to be taken during the design phase to measure the learning effectiveness of a given learning intervention.


The program will broadly address -

  • An overview of ID
  • Identifying learning needs
  • Understanding learners
  • Writing learners objectives
  • Identifying and simplifying content
  • How we learn?
  • Devising an instructional strategy
  • Instructional techniques & media
  • Writing a design document
  • Developing content
  • Evaluating learning effectiveness

All SHRM PDPs have pre-determined recertification credits
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