Pay equity

Pay Equity

Employers are feeling the pressure to address the pay gap between men and women, and between white and minority employees, as states and cities are passing pay equity laws to make sure all workers are compensated fairly. Here are resources you can use to learn more about pay equity.

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Learn about legal compliance and other HR issues related to managing pay equity.

Learn how to create compensation grades and salary ranges that control pay expenses, ensure pay equity among employees and align with your organization's compensation philosophy.

An overview of the considerations an employer should review when determining a new hire's starting pay.

See a sample employer policy for performance and salary review.

A growing number of employees want their companies to be more open about compensation to ensure women and people of color are treated fairly.

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While 71 percent of CEOs identify pay equity as a critical factor in their people and business strategy, only 14 percent dedicate sufficient funding to address pay equity issues, according to the Josh Bersin Co. A report from the company outlines pay equi

Pay transparency is a hot topic in HR circles these days, with state and local governments pushing—or requiring—organizations to be open about their pay practices when posting jobs and to report on their pay practices regularly.

To achieve the maximum benefit from a mature pay equity practice, human resource executives will need the right technology to generate critical data that, when analyzed, can determine how to arrive at equal pay and compensation for employees.

The path forward for pay transparency

Is Pay Transparency Working?

As game-changing pay disclosure laws take effect, business leaders have an important role in managing the compensation message and eliminating pay disparities.