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Know Before You Hire: 2015 Employment Screening Trends
Ban-the-box laws, class-action lawsuits, post-hire screening and candidate experience are among the top employment screening trends to follow in 2015, according to industry experts.

Making Open Office Plans Work for Your Organization
More and more companies are embracing open office layouts with the goals of improving communication, increasing collaboration and reducing overhead by packing more workers into less space.

Flexwork Policies on the Rise, Participation Lagging
About one-half of organizations provided employees the option of flexible work arrangements such as teleworking in 2014, however only one-third of those reported that the majority of their employees were actually allowed to use them.

Navigating Lump Sum Relocation Policies
The current talent acquisition market is so competitive that many companies are already reinventing lump sum services to create plans tailored to each candidate from start to finish.

Pizza Hut Joins the FCRA Class-Action Club
As we kick off a new year, one trend continues to gather steam. The flood of Fair Credit Reporting Act class-action lawsuits shows no signs of slowing down.

Recruiting Tech Trends for 2015
Technology is essential and the businesses that thrive in 2015 will be the ones that benefit from the flexibility and agility that technology solutions can offer.

Target to Close All Stores in Canada
Human resources and labor law experts say Target Canada’s $70 million severance package for the approximately 17,600 employees the retailer is about to lay off is “unprecedented."

Recent Graduates Ill-Prepared for Today’s Workplace
A troubling disconnect exists between how prepared college students feel for post-graduation career success and how far from the mark employers say they actually are.

SOTU: Obama Doubles Down on Immigration Executive Actions
President Barack Obama chided Congress on “refighting past battles on immigration when we’ve got a system to fix,” during his State of the Union address.

Employers Changing Interview Strategies as Hiring Market Shifts
Employers are changing how they interview job candidates as they place as much, or more, emphasis on personality as technical skills.

New Legislation Focuses on High-Skilled Immigrants
Congressional Republicans have introduced three bills to bring more high-skilled immigrants to the United States after criticizing President Barack Obama’s executive actions announced in late 2014 for largely focusing on undocumented workers.

2015: Succession Planning Will Be Crucial
Companies need formal succession plans to be competitive in 2015, says Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte.

2015: Talent Acquisition Will Be Redesigned
Building a strong relationship with hiring managers and a strong candidate pool through brand and candidate experience will be two of the most important factors in recruiting this year.

2015: HR to Re-Examine the Work Environment
Companies will be pushed to help overwhelmed employees this year, according to Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte.

U.S. Migration Patterns Show Positive Economic Outlook
Seven U.S. states experienced a shift in their migration status in 2014, according to the latest Atlas Van Lines Migration Patterns study.

Use Innovative Tech to Enhance Engagement with Global Staff
More than 80 percent of employers rely heavily on e-mail communications with overseas staff, according to the Santa Fe Group’s 2014 Global Mobility Survey.

Survey: Many Organizations Unprepared for Aging Workforce
Few U.S.-based employers are making a concerted effort to change their strategies in order to recruit and retain older workers, even as many employees in their workforces approach and reach retirement age, according to a survey the Society for Human Resource Management conducted with 1,913 U.S.-based employers.


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