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White House Immigration Proposals Include ‘Known Employer’ Pilot
The White House released a series of recommendations designed to “modernize and streamline” the nation’s employment-based immigration processes, including greater access to green cards for workers and a provision which will speed up the visa petitions of employers that meet certain criteria.

Company Hit with Largest I-9 Paperwork Penalties to Date
Failure to thoroughly complete form I-9 paperwork has led to a fine of $605,250—the largest amount ever ordered—for an events-planning company, serving as a reminder that employers need to be taking I-9 compliance very seriously.

State Department Joins the Telecommuting Movement
Employers’ increased acceptance of telecommuting and flexible schedules is redefining the workweek.

Employers Struggle to Hire Hourly Workers as Turnover Rises
Seventy percent of service industry employers are finding it difficult to hire for hourly positions as turnover rates—and costs—are rising.

Global Assignments Enhance Employee Development
More companies are sending employees abroad to help them grow needed skills, recent research finds.

Interview Most Critical Part of Hiring Process, Candidates Say
The interview experience is the single most influential factor in the hiring process, making or breaking an applicant’s impression of the company.

USCIS Issues Draft Template for L-1B Visa Evidence Queries
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a draft request for evidence (RFE) template for multinational employers seeking to transfer employees with specialized skills from their foreign operations to the United States using an L-1B intracompany transferee visa.

USCIS Gives Final Word on H-1B Worksite Moves
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released final guidance July 21, 2015, stating that it will “generally not pursue new adverse actions” against employers solely based upon a failure to file an amended or new petition for H-1B workers who changed jobsites before April 9, 2015.

HR ‘New Frontier’ for Data-Driven Business Strategies
Top executives are relying more heavily on HR leaders for innovative, data-grounded business strategies, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey of U.S. CEOs.

Workplace Enforcement of Immigration Laws Down, Data Show
Workplace audits and employer arrests for the hiring of unauthorized workers have dropped since fiscal year (FY) 2013, according to government data.

Study Finds Most Workers Actively Seeking New Opportunities
New research rejects the commonly held belief that currently employed workers are not looking for new jobs, an important distinction that informs how companies approach their recruiting strategy.

Retain Top Talent with Team-Based Design Principles
Innovation and modern design principles may be the key to developing the workplace culture Millennial employees are demanding, and may lead to winning talent acquisition and retention strategies, the authors of a new white paper concluded.

Skills Gap, Turnover Are Top Talent Concerns
Although finding qualified talent to fill skilled positions is still the biggest concern for employers surveyed (cited by 48 percent of respondents), keeping and engaging employees is a rising priority, according to new research.

Use of Video for Recruiting Continues to Grow
Video interviewing is the best way to interview a candidate other than face to face, according to 75 percent of respondents to an executive survey on the use of video in the recruiting process.

Skills Credentials Proliferate, Causing Headaches for HR
New credentials designed to demonstrate mastery of job-related skills are growing rapidly, prompting confusion among recruiters and students.

Five Legal Lessons for Screening Millennials
When it comes to screening Millennials, employers need to take into account not only what’s effective, but also what’s legal.

Ombudsman: USCIS Processes Burdensome for Employers
The Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman Annual Report 2015 reveals that longstanding challenges submitting petitions to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) still exist.

How to Begin Hiring Veterans
Hiring veterans for their desirable characteristics and training them to fill in skills gaps will result in greater employee productivity and reduced employee turnover.

Job Vacancies Hit 14-Year High
Job openings in the United States hit another record high in May 2015, signaling strong employment growth for the months ahead.

What’s In Store for the Job Market for the Second Half of 2015?
Hiring conditions are perhaps in their strongest stretch since the Great Recession ended six years ago, but problems remain.

Incorporating Millennials into Your Aging Workforce
One of the most important business transformations facing companies now, and which HR plays a central role, is understanding Millennials as they continue to assume a more prominent place in the workforce.

Job Gains Total 223,000 in June, but Wages Still Flat
U.S. employers added 223,000 jobs in June 2015, and the unemployment rate dipped to 5.3 percent, but wages remain stalled and labor participation fell near the lowest level since the late 1970s.

2015 Midyear Job Cuts Total Highest Since 2010
Layoffs throughout the first half of 2015 are up 17 percent year-over-year and the midyear total of 287,672 job cuts is the highest since the first six months of 2010.





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