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Jobs Training Bill Now Law        
A jobs training bill designed to untangling a complex web of federal workforce training programs and help unemployed U.S. workers get the skills they need to find jobs was signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 22, 2014.

There are pros and cons to telling employees they have high potential. Heed these tips when deciding When deciding whether to tell select employees that they're on the development track.

Talent Managers Must 'Step Up'

Identifying the skills needed by top talent and providing the right mix of work experiences for those employees can be approached by thinking about “head, heart and guts.”

Will They Be Ready to Lead When You’re Ready to Leave?
Think of succession planning as an ongoing process of keeping talent in the pipeline, not a one-time process of pre-selection.

Emerging Market Profiles: Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

Attitudes Shift Regarding When to Discuss Compensation During Recruitment


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Long-Term Unemployed
SHRM is committed to helping to remove the barriers that may prevent qualified workers from being fully considered for jobs—particularly because of their long-term unemployment status. Click here for resources that can help HR professionals address this challenge.

Manufacturing: Hard To Fill Jobs
This SHRM Foundation briefing addresses what manufacturers can do to ensure they have access to the workforce talent they need now and in the future. Read more in the report Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap.


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Get an overview of terminology and issues associated with staffing management.

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Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE)
SHRM's monthly report tracks trends in the labor market, including hiring projections released one month ahead of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation report.

Metro Economic Outlooks
These reports provide comprehensive analyses of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas' economies.

Workplace Flexibility Resource Page
Visit this resource page for the latest on addressing work/life challenges through flexible arrangements and strategies.

Military Employment Resources
Read about how HR professionals find, hire and retain skilled military service members.

Workforce Readiness Resource Page
This resource page provides information that can help HR professionals address the issue of workforce preparedness.

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It's Not Always About the Money
Compensation is often not the sole reason why employees choose to stay or leave an organization, says Stacey Carroll, director of professional services and education at Payscale.
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Getting the Message Out, Getting Candidates In
Now available
Presenter: Jessica Miller-Merrill, SPHR, Xceptional HR
Sponsor: Jobvite
Consultant and author Jessica Miller-Merrell shares cutting-edge techniques companies are using to attract high-quality candidates and how you can adapt these to your workplace, regardless of your size or industry. 

Recruit Like Google (Even Though You're Not)
Now available
Presenter: Sabrina Baker, PHR, Acacia HRSolutions
Sponsor: Epicor
Social media is important, but it's just a small part of the recruiting marketing effort. Sabrina Baker, PHR, who works extensively with small and medium-size companies, will offer an array of actionable -- and affordable -- ideas to land the most desirable candidates on the market.

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Leading with Your Heart bridges the gap between idealized C-suite expectations and the pressing need to get the job done.




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