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The Book Publishing Program at SHRM

SHRM BooksSHRM publishes a variety of HR books and e-books on contemporary human resources topics. Choose from any of the following SHRM-published books, or visit the SHRMStore, our online bookstore, for a wider selection of HR books from multiple authors and disciplines.


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New Employee Surveys That Work

Employee Surveys That Work

Offers sensible, practical ways to make employee surveys more useful and accurate and counters a number of unhelpful but common practices.

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New 97 Frequently Asked Questions About Compensation

Answers commonly asked HR questions about bonuses, paid leave, tax compliance, wage and hour regulations, and much more.

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New Got a Solution? HR Approaches to 5 Common and Persistent Business Problems

Solutions to the 5 universal organizational problems can almost always be found in what managers claim to be their most important asset--their people.

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New Perils and Pitfalls of California Employment Law: A Guide for HR Professionals

Explains the ways in which California employment law most differ from the federal statutues that guide most of the rest of the country.


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To learn more about the SHRM book publishing program and our peer review program or to provide feedback on specific SHRM-published books, please contact:

Christopher A. Anzalone
Manager, Book Publishing
Society for Human Resource Management
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Alexandria, VA 22314 USA

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