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The Premier Academy for CEOs and Board Leaders

CEO Academy is an exclusive two-day experience designed for both new and experienced CEOs and board leaders. This isn't just a standard leadership and networking program—it's an elite space where the world's top executives share their wisdom, perspectives and advice to a select group of business leaders to help them navigate the unique challenges of this demanding position. 

CEO Academy has developed some of the most successful chief executives and board leaders in the country.

CEO Academy, in partnership with The Wharton School, has emerged as the best refresher course for long-serving CEOs as well as the perfect “war room” training ground for newer CEOs and potential successors.

It has been cited by participating CEOs as the “absolute best program anywhere for CEO preparation” and “nothing compares to it for take-home value and its no-nonsense approach to value creation—even for long-serving CEOs.”

2024 CEO Academy Dates

Now Accepting Applications.

  • New York City - November 12-13, 2024
  • Dubai - December 10-11, 2024

Tuition for U.S.-based dates - CEOs and board members: $20,000 per seat. Each CEO or board member may bring up to three senior-level executives (direct reports) and/or board members from their organization at $10,000 per seat.

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By attending CEO Academy, you will:

  • Gain new insight into business-critical topics that are top of mind for today’s CEO.
  • Connect with the most influential leaders in business in a private, closed-door executive experience.
  • Gain a trusted network of fellow CEOs leading organizations globally.

Past Speakers

alex gorsky

Former Chairman & CEO,
Johnson & Johnson

johnny c taylor, jr.
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.,

President & CEO,

tiger tyagarajan

Former President & CEO,

maggie wilderotter


ceo leaders on stage

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