EN:Assembly FAQs

How often do the groups meet? 

Meetings take place monthly throughout the year, 11 out of the 12 months (groups take a month off either during the summer or during the winter holidays).

What is the average group size? 

Groups range from 8-12 participants

Are sessions recorded? 

For confidentiality purposes, the sessions are not recorded.

On average how long are the monthly meetings? 

Sessions are typically 2 hours.

How do you determine group assignments? 

Your placement is based on the responses on your intake form - your role, company size, industry, and schedule are considerations.

Who facilitates the group discussions? 

An expert peer group facilitator works with each Assembly team throughout their whole journey, guiding the conversation and helping the group arrive at richer insights.  

What topics are discussed and who decides the topic of the conversation? 

The facilitator will prompt the discussion, but the overall goal is that 100% of the topics and issues discussed are brought forward and decided by the group, based on their strategic and pressing challenges of the moment.

Do groups connect outside of the forum? 

We encourage it! Each group will decide if and how to connect and communicate beyond the meeting. There will be opportunities for groups to connect in person at different SHRM events.