Arezou Harraf

Founder & CEO of Learn & Evolve, LLC

Arezou Harraf

Dr. Harraf is the founder and CEO of Learn & Evolve LLC. In this capacity, she helps organizations use strategy, science, and psychology to address workforce challenges such as low performance, productivity, turnover, and retention issues. With a focus on the future of technology and HR, she consults with organizations on how to improve existing in-house technology platforms to enhance features relating to HR and employee needs.

Additionally, Dr. Harraf serves as the Head of the Department of Business Studies at Box Hill College and is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas during the summer terms.

She also serves as an academic advisor for several MBA students at Maastricht University. Dr. Harraf has many professional affiliations and is a frequent speaker on effective leadership and diversity and inclusion.

 An experienced educator, Dr. Arezou Harraf holds a Ph.D. in Technology Management and Human Resource Training and Development from Indiana State University and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Quinnipiac University. She further holds a post-graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence Leadership from the University of Texas-Austin and is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). Dr. Harraf is a proud SHRM Certification Prep and HR Essentials course provider, where she utilizes her academic and industry experience in enhancing learners' experiences.