Roy Maurer

Senior Specialist, B2C Content

Roy Maurer writes about talent acquisition and management, immigration, workforce development, HR technology, artificial intelligence and labor markets. Since joining SHRM in 2008, he has become a leading voice in the HR industry.

Roy's extensive background includes roles as an editor and reporter covering state and city government in Indiana; arts and culture in Los Angeles; and theater in Washington, D.C. He also has experience as a filmmaker, screenwriter and served in the United States Marine Corps.

Roy Maurer


Indiana University, M.A., Journalism

Columbia College, Chicago, B.A., Film Production

Noteworthy Articles:

Coming Out at Work
This article discusses the ongoing challenges LGBTQ employees face in the workplace, despite progress in legal protections and corporate policies. It highlights personal stories of coming out at work, the emotional toll of repeatedly disclosing one's identity, and the persistent fears of discrimination and lack of support.

HR Adopts AI
This article explores the challenges and opportunities AI presents to HR. It highlights that 25% of organizations use AI for HR tasks, with talent acquisition being the top area. While AI can boost efficiency and improve the employee experience, it also raises concerns about job displacement and the need for reskilling. HR leaders must thoughtfully integrate AI to maintain the human touch in their operations and address issues like data privacy and transparency.

How to Improve Workforce Planning
This article offers strategies to enhance workforce planning by leveraging labor market data. Experts emphasize the importance of tracking and modeling data to identify critical skills and analyze supply and demand. Challenges include rapidly evolving roles, intense competition for talent, and a lack of reliable external data. Embedding labor market context into planning helps HR professionals forecast trends, prepare for emerging skills, and develop effective hiring plans.