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Supporting the HR leaders of today and tomorrow

Strengthening the HR Field

If we provide HR students and emerging professionals, especially those from populations currently underrepresented in HR, with funding, mentorship, and support entering and growing in the profession then we will strengthen the HR field with greater opportunity, growth, diversity, and innovation.

SHRM Foundation believes that the key to creating a world of work that works for all is supporting the diversification, growth, and celebration of the HR field. Each year, we increase access to trainings, conferences, mentorship, and pathways to work for thousands of students, and emerging, mid-career, and advanced HR professionals all across the country.

Scholarships and Grants


is distributed to students and HR professionals to continue their education in the field of HR each year.

Through our annual Scholarships, Grants, and Awards program, we distribute over a half million dollars each year to support and celebrate everyone who makes up the HR profession from students to emerging professionals and seasoned leaders.

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mentors and mentees engage each year in activities to foster the next generation of HR talent and ensure the legacy of those building the field today.

Mentorship is something you can participate no matter where you are in your career trajectory. SHRM Foundation has created a set of mentorship program ranging from one-off learning experiences to 3-month paired mentor-mentee collaborations. 

If you’re an HR professional looking to invest your time, knowledge, and expertise in the future of the HR field, or a student or emerging professional looking for ways to build your network, knowledge, or career plan, click through to learn more!

HR Registered Apprenticeship Program


apprentices stay and grow with the company that trains them after their apprenticeship is complete.

More pathways into HR are necessary—particularly pathways that don’t require an undergraduate or graduate degree in HR. To address these needs, the SHRM Foundation has developed the Human Resource Registered Apprenticeship Program (HR RAP).

If you’re a business, it’s an opportunity to access, develop and retain the talent you need to grow now and in the future. If you’re a worker, it’s a chance to get a paycheck while training for advancement in one of America’s best-developed career pathways. 

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Annual Awards and Tharseo Gala

Each year, SHRM and SHRM Foundation distributed a variety of awards celebrating the impact and excellence of individual HR practitioners, SHRM local chapters, and SHRM state councils who have demonstrated exemplary work. These awards range from celebrating individuals just beginning their HR career to individuals who have demonstrated sustained impact in the field of HR over decades.

In addition to our Leadership and Pinnacle Awards, the Tharseo Awards recognize today’s pioneering business leaders whose strategies consistently put people first. They understand that the way employees experience the workplace is worthy of measurement and quality improvement, just like their products and services. These leaders are winning the future of work.