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Annual Awards

Each year, SHRM and SHRM Foundation distributed a variety of awards celebrating the impact and excellence of individual HR practitioners, SHRM local chapters, and SHRM state councils who have demonstrated exemplary work. These awards range from celebrating individuals just beginning their HR career to individuals who have demonstrated sustained impact in the field of HR over decades.

HR Leadership Awards

Annually, SHRM Foundation celebrates sixteen individuals who have, in various ways, demonstrated leadership and profound impact in the field of HR. These awards, collectively, are the SHRM Foundation Leadership Awards. 

The SHRM Foundation distributes five Awards and awards ten Fellowships each year. 

Pinnacle Awards

Annually, SHRM and SHRM Foundation partner to recognize the highest achievements professional service, advancing of the HR profession, and enhancing the SHRM community among our Chapters and Councils.

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Tharseo Awards

The Tharseo Awards recognize today’s pioneering business leaders whose strategies consistently put people first. They understand that the way employees experience the workplace is worthy of measurement and quality improvement, just like their products and services. These leaders are winning the future of work.