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SHRMLabs Invests in Gig and Take-VirgilHR

Funding will help companies Gig and Take, and VirgilHR further their efforts to reimagine human resources.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Today, SHRMLabs, a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) subsidiary, made two new investments to add to its ever-growing portfolio of tech companies changing the work of HR. As SHRM's venture capital arm and innovation lab, SHRMLabs identifies, evaluates, and enables successful startups in the workplacetech industry. Gig and Take, and VirgilHR each received $100,000 from SHRMLabs and are aligned with both SHRMLabs' and SHRM's mission of creating workplace tech to meet today's most pressing challenges.

"We are excited to add Gig and Take, and VirgilHR into our investment portfolio," said Guillermo Corea, managing director of SHRMLabs. "As former HR executives, each founder provides a unique insight into the HR field and the holes that need filling for it to run more efficiently."

Gig and Take, and VirgilHR offer new platforms to reimagine the HR field. Gig and Take's workforce platform will impact the industrial manufacturing and logistics field. It aims to change factory work culture through diversity, decreased overtime and operational flexibility. Gig and Take's platform hopes to enable the industrial manufacturing field to unlock new talent pools to fill an ever-growing labor shortage and create an agile labor strategy. 

"As an HR professional, I grew up in the shadow of this iconic organization (SHRM) and used countless resources they've put out over the years," said Rahil Siddiqui, founder and CEO of Gig and Take. "I am blessed and humbled to have their support and can't think of a more meaningful partner to join us in this journey of reimagining the future of work in factories."

VirgilHR is an HR compliance platform tooled to empower organizations through knowledge of regulatory requirements without requiring them to do additional research. The platform additionally has a chatbot feature that offers customers and HR professionals real-time, automated employment and labor law guidance. This chatbot's information is across federal, state, and local labor and employment laws, which makes this feature critical to helping HR teams run more efficiently and comply with all regulations. 

"Being a part of the SHRM community is an honor, and we're humbled by SHRM's investment and support in VirgilHR," said Jocelyn King, CEO, and co-founder of VirgilHR. "With these funds, we'll be able to further develop our go-to-market and product development initiatives to bring VirgilHR to the forefront of HR compliance technology and help HR professionals across the country. We're passionate about elevating the HR brand by helping HR regain valuable time to focus on more strategic efforts across the business and be a more impactful HR partner to their organizations."

Both Gig and Take, and VirgilHR will be using their investments to allow their respective companies to grow. Gig and Take will utilize its investment to continue building its tech platform and scaling its marketing efforts. VirgilHR will use its investment to finalize its product's go-to-market efforts, research, and development and increase its key staff. SHRM is excited to partner with HR leaders who value the need to evolve the profession and create innovative solutions that create better workplaces and a better world.

About SHRM
SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, creates better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together. As the voice of all things work, workers and the workplace, SHRM is the foremost expert, convener and thought leader on issues impacting today's evolving workplaces. More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies rely on SHRM to be their go-to resource for all things work and their business partner in creating next-generation workplaces. With 300,000+ HR and business executive members in 165 countries, SHRM impacts the lives of more than 115 million workers and families globally. Learn more at and on Twitter @SHRM.

About VirgilHR
VirgilHR hosts a proprietary database of employment and labor law requirements that helps HR professionals manage the compliance of employment decisions real-time, including leave requests, final wages, and termination. HR team members can access instant, prescriptive guidance across federal, state, and local employment and labor laws via the online web-based, self-service application. No research required. VirgilHR is the new evolution of HR compliance software, enabling HR professionals to spend more time on strategic objectives and less time researching and tracking thousands of ever-changing employment and labor laws. VirgilHR's mission is to help HR professionals navigate the growing employee complexities, close the knowledge gap, and empower HR teams to make compliant employment decisions with ease and confidence. Learn more at

About Gig & Take
Finding and retaining labor is the number one challenge in domestic manufacturing. Flex labor (positions outside of standard 40-hour shifts for ad-hoc or infrequent staffing) has the potential to solve labor availability challenges and improve employee retention. However, manufacturers are not able to incorporate flexible positions into rigid schedules with their existing software. Gig and Take unlocks flex labor for manufacturers with:

  • scheduling software purpose-built for incorporating flex labor into fixed schedule facilities
  • change management toolkits to evolve systems & strategy and
  • a labor marketplace with candidates that have the requisite training & interest in manufacturing.
    Learn more at


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