EN Membership FAQs


What are the eligibility requirements for the SHRM Executive Network?

The SHRM Executive Network (EN) is a vetted network of practicing senior HR leaders holding CHRO or VP-equivalent titles at a middle-market or enterprise-level company, larger than 250 employees.

How soon will I receive a response with the next steps after I apply?

Upon submitting your application, you can expect to receive additional communication within 2 business days regarding your eligibility with additional information on the next steps in the process. If we cannot confirm your details, an EN Experience Manager may schedule a call to discuss your application further.  

What are the membership dues?

SHRM Executive Network member yearly dues range from $3,995 to $9,750 and are dependent on your position level and company size. During the application process, your EN Experience Manager can help you review payment plans and alternative payment method options. 

What events would be included with my membership?

Complimentary registration to the Executive Network Experience (ENX) at the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo and the member-exclusive Visionaries Summit are included with the cost of membership. Additionally, members receive 50% off the cost of in-person registration to the Women in Leadership Institute.  

What other resources and content come with a membership?

Members are provided with engaging insights to empower you in navigating workplace challenges with confidence. Members will receive the bi-weekly EN:Brief Newsletter with the latest content, the quarterly People + Strategy Journal for research and best practices in strategic HR and business development, and the People + Strategy podcast featuring thought leaders in HR and the world of work. See all available benefits. 

What support would I receive as an EN member?

Members of the SHRM Executive Network will be provided with an EN Experience Manager to assist them in making the most of their membership. Additionally, members are provided with unlimited inquiries to SHRM Knowledge Advisors and are given the opportunity to join an EN:Assembly, a small knowledge cohort of 10-13 like-level executives. 

Is there a comprehensive list of all EN member benefits?

Navigate workplace challenges with confidence, equipped with exclusive insights and collaborative support available to members of the SHRM Executive Network. In addition to the benefits included with a SHRM professional membership, you’ll access all EN member benefits once you join the EN.  

If I join, will an Executive Network representative guide me through the member benefits?

As a new member of the SHRM Executive Network, you will be introduced to an EN Experience Manager who will guide you through all the benefits that are included in your membership. Your EN Experience Manager will provide a comprehensive review of your member benefits to ensure you understand the full value of your membership. Throughout the year, you will receive multiple touchpoints from us to ensure that you are fully leveraging your membership and maximizing the potential of the SHRM Executive Network to support you and your organization’s growth. 

When would my EN membership expire and how do I renew?

EN Membership is active for 1 year from date of payment, unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. You will receive notification via email 60 days (about 2 months) prior to your renewal expiration and additional outreach will be made to assist if an invoice is required.