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  • SHRM's HR Knowledge Advisors are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. They provide general knowledge and information as HR professionals.

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Meet Our Advisors

Theresa Adams, SHRM-SCP

Senior HR Knowledge Advisor

Theresa Adams is a SHRM-SCP certified professional with 23 years generalist experience in the human resources field.

Katie Brennan, SHRM-CP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Katie Brennan, SHRM-CP, has been a SHRM HR Knowledge Advisor since October 2015.

Karen Burke, SHRM-CP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Karen Burke have 13 years of employment with the SHRM HR Knowledge Center.

Jennifer Chang, SHRM-CP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Jennifer Chang, SHRM-CP, brings a decade of human resources experience.

Nancy Conway, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Nancy Conway, SHRM-SCP, has over 25 years of HR in various industries including retail, call centers, banking, and healthcare.

Rue Dooley, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Rue Dooley, SHRM-SCP, has been an HR Knowledge Advisor for SHRM for over 22 years.

Robin Eddins

Jim Emanuel, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Jim Emanuel has over 30+ years of HR experience.

Pattie Graves, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Pattie Graves, SHRM-SCP, has been an HR Knowledge Advisor for 10 years.

Regan Gross, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Regan Gross has over 25 years of HR experience.

Rosa Hardesty, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Rosa Hardesty, SHRM-SCP began employment at SHRM in May 2016 as an HR Advisor.

Robyn Hopper, SHRM-CP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Robyn Hopper is a SHRM-CP with 24+ years of experience in the human resources field.

Elissa Jessup, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Elissa Jessup, SHRM-SCP, has 8 years' human resources experience.

Yvette Lee, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Yvette Lee, SHRM-SCP, is an HR Knowledge Advisor at SHRM.

Deniece Maston, SHRM-CP

HR Knowledge Advisor

​Deniece Maston has 14+ years of HR experience.

Kim McNeil, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Kim McNeil is a SHRM-SCP certified professional with decades of experience.

Maria Medina, SHRM-CP


Victoria Neal, SHRM-SCP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Victoria Neal, SHRM-SCP, is an HR Knowledge Advisor.

Julie Schweber, SHRM-SCP

Senior HR Knowledge Advisor

Julie Schweber, SHRM-SCP, has over 18 years of strategic and tactical HR experience.

Melissa White, SHRM-CP

HR Knowledge Advisor

Melissa White, SHRM-CP, has over 11 years of direct human resources experience in the nonprofit and health care fields.