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Winter 2024: Seeking Alignment

At a time when the world is so divided—and when employees are not shy about sharing their opinions—how can leaders build a narrative within their organizations around purpose, mission, values and strategy? And what is HR's role in driving that conversation?

This Winter 2024 issue of People + Strategy offers fresh advice and examples of how leaders can create unity and alignment in a world geared toward polarization. Plus, you'll find insight on hiring, pay transparency, building your brand and more.


Three CHROs discuss HR's role in uniting your team around common goals, values and purpose.

The director of a Midwest nonprofit finds success in building coalitions with nontraditional partners. Here are the key lessons he’s learned over his 30-year career.

In this Q&A, Verizon Consumer's CEO Sowmyanarayan Sampath shares hard-earned lessons on communication, transparency and setting priorities.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s pivotal 2023 ruling on affirmative action, leaders need to use a new negotiation mindset to navigate the increasing polarization surrounding corporate diversity efforts.

To improve the hiring and developing of talent, human intelligence—not AI—is still your best resource to reduce turnover and improve the candidate experience. Here’s a six-step process.

Three years after several states passed news laws that require employers to provide salary ranges for open positions, is the movement accomplishing its goal of shrinking the gender pay gap?

Becoming a thought leader can strengthen your organization's employment brand—and boost your career. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a compelling message.


In my conversations with CEOs, the three most-needed qualities of CHROs boiled down to three C's: competency, confidant and courage.

For leaders in the 2020s, the predilection to sort every decision into an Us vs. Them battle is a real and present problem. How do workplace leaders create unity and alignment in their world geared toward polarization?

In this Q&A, Ron Shaich, the founder of Panera Bread, sat down with People + Strategy to discuss his views on leadership, transformation and entrepreneurship.

More companies have begun adding AI decision-making into their C-suites, marking an evolution in leadership and sparking broad new questions.

A board of directors needs to work cohesively with management toward its common goals. Dawn Zier sat down with three business leaders who, like her, have experience as both a CEO and a board member, to discuss how to measure and strengthen that alignment.

The study not only underscores the importance of effective people management but also identifies specific areas for improvement mong managers, along with workplace practices to enhance managerial excellence.

Insights from the leaders featured in recent episodes of the monthly People + Strategy podcast.

The Member Profile of the Winter 2024 issue of People + Strategy journal shines a spotlight on Laurie Monfiletto, CHRO at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Rhonda Morris, CHRO of Chevron, discusses a simple way to spread smiles and disarm stress—in the workplace or on the road.

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