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Suicide Prevention and Awareness (Sep)

Employers can play a vital role in suicide prevention. Historically, suicide, mental health, and well-being have been underrepresented in workplace health and safety efforts, but this is changing. In some European countries, there are workplace standards for workplace psychosocial hazards that put workers at risk for suicide. Additionally, in France, employers have been made accountable for toxic workplaces and management practices that contributed to worker suicides.
Critical Steps Your Workplace Can Take Today to Prevent Suicide
CDC | Mar 2023

Why It's Critical to Start Talking About Suicide in the Workplace
Spring Health | Nov 2022

How to Spot Suicidal Behaviors in the Workplace
SHRM | Sep 2022

Workplace May Be Key to Preventing Suicide
SHRM | Sep 2022

Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention in the Workplace
Workplace Suicide Prevention | Jun 2022

Providing Intervention for People in Crisis
Security Management Magazine via SHRM | Jan 2022

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Suicide & Crisis Lifeline 988 and/or (800) 273.8255
HopeLine     (877) 235-4525
Crisis Text Line  741741  (800) 784-2433  State-by-State Hotlines
Wikipedia    Hotlines by Country

Additional resources are organized under these headings:

Addressing Comments and Warning Signs
Know the Warning Signs
Prevention: Workplace Resources
Postvention: Coping With the Impact of Completed Suicides
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September Observances

Addressing Comments and Warning Signs

Suicide threats should always be taken seriously. The human resource professional or the employee's supervisor may be the first person to identify a potentially suicidal employee, so it is critical to recognize the warning signs and encourage at-risk employees to seek help.
How should an employer respond when an employee makes suicidal statements?

Learn more about dealing with suicidal ideation in the workplace
Job Accommodation Network

It's important as a manager to act quickly and gather information. You are not expected to do a suicide risk assessment, but asking questions can help determine appropriate next steps. Take all responses seriously.
Responding to Suicide Warning Signs

Employers are put in a difficult spot, as they are concerned about the health and wellbeing of their employees, but must also respect an employee's privacy. While you may be tempted to offer comforting words to your employee during such trying times, it is important to avoid potentially asking unlawful medical questions of your employee.
What to Do When an Employee Threatens Suicide?
Littler | Feb 2020

Discussing suicidal remarks or an employee's mental state can be challenging. Find a private place to talk about your concerns regarding the worker's statements or behaviors. While unlikely, it is possible that the person's comments were casual remarks made in poor taste. Ask for clarification about what he meant by his comments and what may be causing him distress.
Concerns About Self-Harm
SHRM | Oct 2018

Know the Warning Signs

Risk of Suicide
National Alliance on Mental Illness

Risk Factors, Protective Factors and Warning Signs
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Recognizing Suicidal Behavior

Prevention: Workplace Resources

Preventing Suicide: 5 Workplace Resources

Suicide Prevention: 5 Things You Should Know

The Role of Managers in Preventing Suicide in the Workplace
The Role of Co-Workers in Preventing Suicide in the Workplace
Additional Workplace Resources
Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Employers' Role in Preventing Suicide
Insurance Thought Leadership

Comprehensive Blueprint for Workplace Suicide Prevention
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Postvention: Coping With the Impact of Completed Suicides

A Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace
Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Manager's Guide: 10 Action Steps for Dealing with the Aftermath of Suicide
National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Coping with the suicide of an employee
White Swan Foundation

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HHS Announces Additional $200 Million in Funding for 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
SAMHSA | May 2023

You're Not Alone If You Have Suicidal Thoughts Because of Work
The Mighty | May 2023

September Observances

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (September)
National Alliance on Mental Illness

National Suicide Prevention Week (September 8-14, 2024)

World Suicide Prevention Day (Annually, September 10)
International Association for Suicide Prevention

Social Sharables
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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