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Checklist: Employee Recognition/Awards

Service  Award Checklist

☐ Review tenure of existing employees and establish meaningful award periods (1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc.).

☐ Establish budget based on number of employees and types of awards desired.

☐ Select awards (pins, certificates, plaques etc.).

☐ Establish a procedure for monitoring awards that are due.

☐ Establish a process for recognizing awards (luncheon, staff meeting, etc.).

☐ Evaluate success of program via turnover analysis, employee attitude surveys, etc.

Recognition Program Checklist

☐ Develop criteria for recognition eligibility (i.e. customer service, sales, cost savings, etc).

☐ Establish forms and procedure for submitting and reviewing nominations.

☐ Project number of awards per year based on eligibility and criteria and establish budget.

☐ Select meaningful recognition items (gift certificates, time off with pay etc.).

☐ Communicate program objectives frequently to remind staff to submit nominations.

☐ Establish a process for recognizing recognition awards.

☐ Evaluate success of program periodically and modify accordingly.

Suggestion System Checklist

☐ Establish location to submit suggestions (i.e. lunch/break room) and provide forms.

☐  Provide guidelines for types of suggestions (cost savings, process changes, etc.).

☐ Establish procedures for review of suggestions.

☐ Respond to each suggestion in a respectful and timely manner.

☐ Encourage those with general complaints to address them to the human resource department.

☐ Establish reward system (i.e. percentage of cost savings) for suggestions that are adopted.

☐ Communicate company's willingness to accept suggestions.

☐ Provide recognition (in addition to rewards) for suggestions that are adopted. 


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