Past Issues

Summer 2023

Leadership 2030

After a decades-long period of stability and predictability, the past few years have brought a series of breathtaking changes to organizations. As a result, leadership at all levels needs to adapt to these new times.

This Summer 2023 issue of People + Strategy analyzes those challenges from every angle—from managers to the C-suite to the boardroom—and provides a new vision for effective leadership for the remainder of this decade. 

Given the growing demands on leadership teams, the current structure for leading companies may no longer be sustainable. The CEO and co-chair of global design firm IDEO engage in a whiteboard exercise about alternatives.

How to develop an efficient matrixed management structure to win in the marketplace.

The role of management has changed dramatically in the past few years. Here's how the chief people officer at UKG says organizations can help their management teams navigate this challenging new envir

The challenges of leadership have never been greater. In this excerpt from his new book, The Leap to Leader, Adam Bryant argues that leaders should be crystal clear about their motivations for wanting to lead.

One-to-one coaching can be powerful and beneficial for both executives and organizations. But to realize that potential, coaching must take four key steps to adapt.

Companies are now looking for board members with diverse knowledge of emerging trends and disruptive forces—not just traditional industry and functional experience.

Lessons learned by supply chain leaders during the pandemic can help your organization inject more agility into its culture.

Organizations must be as intentional and meticulous about building, maintaining and protecting their employee brand as they are about their public brand image.