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The SHRM Executive Network is an unparalleled community tailored to top-level HR leaders. Elevate your strategies, connections, and impact in shaping the world of work.

Receive complimentary registration to members-only events including the EN Experience at the SHRM Annual Conference.

Engage in conversation with other leaders who hold similar roles in similarly sized companies during facilitator-led private calls each month. 

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A Top Networking Group for CHROs

Fortune has recognized the SHRM Executive Network as a Top Networking Group for CHROs in 2024.

This acknowledgement demonstrates our commitment to providing a vetted community of senior HR leaders with a place where they can connect with peers, exchange ideas, and lead their businesses with innovation. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this exclusive network—apply to join the EN today and elevate your HR leadership.

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Amplify Your HR Leadership

Navigate HR challenges with confidence, equipped with exclusive insights and collaborative support only available with the SHRM Executive Network.

  • Small cohorts of like-level executives.
  • Events designed to maximize limited time.
  • Customized reporting from SHRMs data center.
  • Research and news from leading sources.

EN membership dues start at $3,995 for a 12-month membership and increase depending on position level and company size.

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A Community of Vetted Executives

The SHRM Executive Network is an exclusive community of practicing senior HR leaders dedicated to revolutionizing the world of work and ensuring success for their fellow members. All EN members hold the position of CHRO- or VP-equivalent titles at middle market and enterprise level companies, larger than 250 employees.

SHRM Executive Network Member Companies

Revolutionizing HR Across 1,000+ Member Companies

  • AARP  
  • Adobe  
  • ADP  
  • AllCare Health  
  • Amazon  
  • Apple  
  • Bath & Body Works  
  • BMW of North America, LLC  
  • Booz Allen Hamilton  
  • Brighton Hospice  
  • Charles Schwab  
  • Cornell University  
  • Cox Communications  
  • Department of State  
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods  
  • Dow Jones  
  • Equifax  
  • GE  
  • Google  
  • Harlem Children’s Zone  
  • H&M  
  • Hertz  
  • Hubspot  
  • IBM 
  • Intuit
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank 
  • Levi Strauss & Company  
  • McDonald’s Corporation   
  • META  
  • MGM Resorts International  
  • Microsoft  
  • NASCAR  
  • NBA  
  • Nationwide Insurance  
  • Neiman Marcus Group  
  • Paychex  
  • Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest 
  • Qualtrics  
  • Sony Music Entertainment  
  • Standford University  
  • The Boeing Company  
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society  
  • Tyson Foods  
  • United Airlines  
  • United States Coast Guard  
  • USAA   
  • VISA  
  • Walmart  
  • WD-40 Company

The information that I can request, and that I'm given, actually has helped me to expedite deliverables—to be much more thoughtful and to bring across the line better solutions for my business. It's been very exciting."

Deon Riley, CHRO

Bath & Body Works

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The State of the Workplace

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If transforming your department amid economic and political uncertainty sounds like a tall order, remember that your competitors operate in the same demanding environment. Clear-eyed leadership may well be a decisive competitive differentiator in the years ahead.

SHRM’s State of the Workplace Report examines five critical issues HR departments are facing, offering insights into how HR executives should respond. Download your complimentary copy of the report today to explore the key challenges and learn actionable approaches to adapt, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve.