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CHRO Outlook (Q1 2022)

Fewer CHROs say they're optimistic about business conditions moving forward, but a majority say they're planning to increase their staffing anyway.

CHRO Outlook (Q4 2021)

CHROs’ outlook is tempered, as businesses face an array of challenges that threaten to derail momentum and delay the economic recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions, inflation surges, and worker shortages all continue to impede business growth.

Today, more than 3 in 5 (62%) U.S. workers who are actively searching for a job or plan to agree that earlier in the pandemic, job security outweighed their desire to leave their current job. The picture is much different now. Many employers are now facing labor shortages and experiencing a wave of voluntary departures and resignations in the Great Resignation.

CHRO Outlook (Q3 2021)

HR leaders facing the fallout of the omicron variant have developed processes to successfully handle pandemic-related issues while remaining focused on meeting the many growth challenges to come.

CHRO Outlook (Q2 2021)

The past 18 months have presented monumental challenges to public health, society, politics and the economy. As progress has been made, HR leaders have shown confidence in the economic recovery even as the pandemic continues to shape much of daily life.

Belonging is more than a seat at the table. To improve workplaces, we must move past laudatory DE&I commitment and place an emphasis on the true outcome we seek: a society where everyone belongs and has equitable opportunities to thrive. 

How can you make meaningful strides in advancing DE&I in your organization? Genuine commitment from executive leadership and diverse representation in the upper ranks are among the defining characteristics of successful organizations. 

Throughout a lingering pandemic, workplace culture proves a resilient, invaluable commodity among the workforce. 

Remote work is not as equitable as it seems. Short-term perks for employees can diminish inclusion. 

SHRM partnered with BCG and the WFPMA to develop groundbreaking research to help HR executives better understand the forward-thinking strategies that must be prioritized today in order to obtain a clearer view of the capabilities of your HR function tomorrow. 

CHRO Outlook (Q1 2021)
This survey of 219 CHROs, conducted in February 2021, identified their widespread optimism about the post-pandemic economy, though that hopefulness is tempered by enduring concerns about work, workers and the workplace.

Research from The Chief Executive and SHRM
A new survey highlights where CEOs and CHROs are on the same page—and where they're not. The upshot? There's room for improvement.

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Never has the need for collaboration and teamwork been more critical than today. Faced with a rapidly changing business environment and complex organizational challenges, companies are tapping into the power of teams to provide innovative solutions to achieve superior business results. 

Companies now have access to more employee data than ever before, ranging from data on job performance and pay to data on employee e-mails, feedback, even videos from monitoring systems. While all this data is intended to help companies make work life better, it has the potential to be abused. 

Empowered HR leaders are key to capturing growth in the new world of work. We are in the golden age of the HR profession, and the CPO is at the helm. Research conducted in partnership with Willis Towers Watson, examines how HR, led by an agile and courageous HR executive, will power organizational capability and business performance in a modern world of work.  

Before COVID-19, business models were being transformed by technology. Now all companies have become " "technology companies". Organizations need to train, manage and hire a wide range of tech professionals. That means companies need to know precisely what it takes to attract and keep tech workers. 

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