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Overall, most CHROs perceive economic and employment conditions as fair, but there is a growing sense of optimism. Currently, about a quarter of CHROs view economic conditions as excellent or good, marking a clear upward trend compared with previous quarters. This positive trajectory is expected to continue over the next six months, with forecasts indicating further improvement in economic conditions.

The 2023-24 SHRM State of the Workplace Report finds HR leaders caught between the talent challenges of the past few years and an AI-powered future. This report examines five critical issues HR departments will face in 2024.

Recent research from SHRM has unveiled a sobering reality: Incivility is not just a societal issue; it’s a pervasive force within our workplaces, exacting a toll on productivity, morale, and organizational health.

New Research

In a survey conducted for the Fall 2023 People + Strategy journal, the SHRM Research team analyzed eight different emerging models of work and how they're being embraced by employers and employees.

Mental health will be a critical issue for workplaces of all kinds in 2024. As the voice of all things work, SHRM creates better workplaces where employers and employees thrive together, impacting the lives of more than 235 million workers and families globally. SHRM collects data about how the workplace impacts mental health.

New SHRM data explores how organizations handle pay equity audits, pay equity training and pay-related business decisions.

This study not only underscores the importance of effective people management but also identifies specific areas for improvement among managers, along with workplace practices to enhance managerial excellence.

Employee turnover hurts productivity and each employee lost is costly to replace, all of which hurts an organization’s bottom line. How could showing a little appreciation help your organization meet its talent goals?


To gain insights into AI in the workplace, SHRM Research surveyed 1,993 U.S. workers and 1,220 HR leaders in January and February 2024. The results reveal a rapidly changing business landscape as organizations embrace the power of AI, either now or with plans to adopt the technology within the next year or two.

In a survey conducted for the Fall 2023 People + Strategy journal, the SHRM Research team analyzed eight different emerging models of work and how they're being embraced by employers and employees.

Construction of manufacturing plants has doubled over the past two years with no signs of slowing down. The CHIPS Act alone has already injected more than $52 billion into the US economy in an effort to regain semiconductor manufacturing dominance. Industry leaders now ask the question where will the workers to fill these plants come from?

In this survey conducted for the Summer 2023 People + Strategy journal, the SHRM Research team looks at how U.S. employees and HR executives view the current (and future) state of leadership.

Insights + White Papers

Fighting wage inflation is a balancing act. Employers must protect their bottom line, but they must also remain competitive in a talent marketplace where 87% of U.S. workers say fair compensation for current employees should be the top priority, according to SHRM research.

Whether your organization faces a PR scandal, a controversial executive departure, a natural disaster or anything else that tests your values as an organization, how do you provide continuity as an HR executive? This guide will help you assess the crisis, deploy resources effectively and support your employees through a difficult period.

The more attractive—and authentic—your employer brand is, the more you can attract qualified, interested applicants to your open roles and even convert candidates into company champions. 

Organizations know learning and development (L&D) is crucial to retaining talent, so much so that they cited providing learning opportunities as the top retention strategy in 2023.1 When employers don’t get the results they want from L&D initiatives, it may be because they offer learning opportunities without enabling a learning culture.

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