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SHRM Volunteer Organizational Structure

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Membership Advisory Council (MAC)

The MAC is an elected group of five (5) SHRM Volunteer Leaders, each representing a geographical region in the SHRM Volunteer Leadership Structure. The Council is the highest level of volunteer leadership and serves as an interface between the SHRM Board of Directors, SHRM Executive Team, SHRM members, Volunteer Leaders, and at the Regional Council, State Council and Chapter levels. The MAC provides strategic input to the Society and receives feedback from the Society to further elevate the member and Volunteer Leader experience. MAC Representatives are elected by their respective Regional Councils and serve a two-year term. There is one member of the MAC from each of SHRM’s five domestic regions (Northeast, Southeast, North Central, Southwest Central and Pacific West). 

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Regional Councils

SHRM-affiliated State Councils and Chapters are divided geographically into five regions (Northeast, Southeast, North Central, Southwest Central and Pacific West). Regional Councils provide opportunities for best-practice sharing among and between the State Council leaders. In addition, Regional Councils:

  • Provide channels of communication on human resource management issues.
  • Encourage connections with business leaders and the general business community to advance the profession.
  • Play a key role in identifying and communicating emerging strategic issues.
  • Facilitate the achievement of SHRM's strategic objectives by providing State Councils and Chapters with guidance and assistance.
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State Councils

Each state and designated territory within the United States is governed by a State Council, headed by a State Council Director who is automatically a member of one of the five Regional Councils. State Councils provide a structure for Volunteer Leaders in the state to consult together on the landscape, activities and opportunities in the state (or territory) and to adopt programs to promote the progress and welfare of SHRM as a whole, including providing channels of communication between Chapters, State Councils, and Regional Councils; services to customers and member segments within the state, and leadership training and thought leadership at the state level.


Professional Chapters

SHRM has a growing network of more than 550 professional Chapters across the United States. Chapters provide local networking and professional development opportunities.

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Student Chapters

The SHRM student program was created to promote mutually beneficial interaction between SHRM students and HR professionals and mentors. Membership offers students the opportunity to supplement their classroom education with real-world knowledge and hands-on experience. There are over 400 affiliated Student Chapters which provide networking and learning opportunities for student members. 

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