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Seasonal Office Decorations Policy


[Company Name] may install appropriate seasonal decorations in public areas, such as at reception, in the lobby, and in lunch and break areas, from time to time. Further, [Company Name] recognizes that employees may wish to use seasonal decorations in their own work areas. Employees should use moderation in decorating their workspaces to accentuate a professional and pleasant work environment without inhibiting or disrupting its intended use. Employees must be respectful of others' beliefs and customs when choosing and displaying workplace-appropriate seasonal decorating.


[Company Name] will provide appropriate seasonal decorations, such as flowers or greenery, in public areas, common lunch or break areas, or group work areas. Employees may not decorate these areas or other public or common areas without the express prior permission of the human resources (HR) department.

[Company Name] will make every effort to avoid decorations of an overtly religious nature, instead choosing those reflecting more secular traditions.

Company decorations will be tasteful and limited, as well as appropriate to office décor. The company has the exclusive right to install and remove seasonal decorations in public areas and common areas.

Employees may apply similar principles in decorating personal workspaces, such as cubicles or offices, for seasonal or secular celebrations and will be asked to remove any decorations that are inconsistent with the spirit of this policy.

Any decorations viewed as offensive by reasonable standards may be required to be removed.

Employees are asked to remain focused on maintaining an environment of professionalism and respect for others throughout the year.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to supervisory staff or the HR department.


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