People + Strategy Journal

Fall 2023

Rethinking Work & the Workplace

Recent workplace disruptions are shattering the tradition of employing only full-time, long-term workers. New workplace models and evolving employee expectations are coming together at full speed, and the deterrents of independent work are fast disappearing in the digital economy.

   This Fall 2023 issue of the People + Strategy journal analyzes these trends from the perspective of CHROs, CEOs and others in the vortex of these changes. Plus, it unveils new SHRM research on how these emerging labor models are being embraced by employers and employees.


The Atomic Model
Getting top-notch skills is no longer just an employment game. More employers are using fractional teams to move fast and add expertise.
by Raphael Ouzan

Irreconcilable Differences
What neuroscience can tell us about the differing needs of employers and employees in today's return-to-office debate.
by David Rock

The Pixelated Workforce Has Arrived ... Are We Ready?
The traditional idea of "employee" is breaking down. Here is how your company should respond to emerging work arrangements.
by Josh Bersin

Leadership in a World of Contradictions
A Q&A with Alexi Robichaux, CEO of BetterUp, on finding clarity in your management style amid new workplace challenges.
Interview by David Reimer and Adam Bryant 

Fractional Work & Your Talent Strategy
Four key questions for CHROs on how the demand for fractional work (and fractional workers) will transform the workplace.
by RJ Milnor

Generation Why
The HR lessons learned—and questions raised—from having five different generations in today's workplace.
by Jacqueline M. Welch


Growth Talks
Why Siemens dissolved its performance management process and replaced it with a new concept built on manager-staff dialogues.
by Judith Wiese


Message from the President 
by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP, President & CEO, SHRM
reimer image

From the Guest Editor 
by Diane Gherson

The Big Question

In First Person
Fran Horowitz, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
Writing Her Own Transformational Playbook

Directors Roundtable
Participants: Robin Matlock, Sheila Talton, Kelley Steven-Waiss
Moderator: Dawn Zier

Linking Theory + Practice
Transition Strategies to Overcome the High Cost
of New-Leader Failure
by Darren Overfield, Patrick Casseday and Brad Winn

Research + Insights
New survey results from the SHRM Research team 
conducted for the SHRM Executive Network.

The Takeaway
A Discussion Guide on the New Models of Work