Workplace Trends and Insights

Workplace Trends and Insights

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New Research

Surviving the Great Resignation – Executive Summary for Executive Network

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CHRO Outlook – Transformational Times Call for Transformational Mindsets

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Belonging Research Report

Belonging is more than a seat at the table. To improve workplaces, we must move past laudatory DE&I commitment and place an emphasis on the true outcome we seek: a society where everyone belongs and has equitable opportunities to thrive. Download now.

Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

How can you make meaningful strides in advancing DE&I in your organization? Genuine commitment from executive leadership and diverse representation in the upper ranks are among the defining characteristics of successful organizations. Download now.

Workplace Culture is the New Currency

Throughout a lingering pandemic, workplace culture proves a resilient, invaluable commodity among the workforce. Download research. Download Executive Briefing.

Remote Work: Who's Really Benefiting?

Remote work is not as equitable as it seems. Short-term perks for employees can diminish inclusion. Download now.

Creating People Advantage Study

SHRM partnered with BCG and the WFPMA to develop groundbreaking research to help HR executives better understand the forward-thinking strategies that must be prioritized today in order to obtain a clearer view of the capabilities of your HR function tomorrow. Download now.

CHRO Outlook - The Economic Outlook for Business from a CEO Perspective

Chief Executive / SHRM Research - The CEO-CHRO Partnership

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Insights + White Papers

Collaborative Teams Impact Your Organization
Includes 80% Greater Employee Morale

Never has the need for collaboration and teamwork been more critical than today. Faced with a rapidly changing business environment and complex organizational challenges, companies are tapping into the power of teams to provide innovative solutions to achieve superior business results. The reason for such enthusiasm stems from the benefits organizations expect to reap. These include: 
Research conducted in partnership with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services examines the unique role and importance of collaborative teams within the context of the modern workplace. The report, Meeting The Challenges Of Developing Collaborative Teams For Future Success, offers practical insights for HR leaders to implement a more team-centric workforce strategy while overcoming common implementation barriers. Are collaborative teams in your business strategy outlook? 

Privacy and Ethics ​in People Analytics 

How does your Company Manage Data?

Companies now have access to more employee data than ever before, ranging from data on job performance and pay to data on employee e-mails, feedback, even videos from monitoring systems. While all this data is intended to help companies make work life better, it has the potential to be abused. Even while companies continue to implement more and newer systems to drive productivity, a majority of Americans are concerned about the way their data is being used.

HRPS Research graphics_Privacy and Ethics -1.jpg
The market for HR data and analysis tools is over $2 billion annually and will likely double by 2025. Communicating how your company treats the data it collects is a part of the employee experience. The Privacy and Ethics in People Analytics research offers a perspective on how to bring an ethical approach to the data companies collect from employees while respecting their privacy, ensuring security, and minimizing bias. 

The Future Focused Profile of the Chief People Officer 
With Pivot Points and Action Guide 

Empowered HR leaders are key to capturing growth in the new world of work. We are in the golden age of the HR profession, and the CPO is at the helm. Research conducted in partnership with Willis Towers Watson, examines how HR, led by an agile and courageous HR executive, will power organizational capability and business performance in a modern world of work.  Organizations require strong, visionary HR leadership to unlock the opportunities in the new world of work and to address pressing people challenges that impact a company’s bottom line. 

There’s near-universal agreement that chief people officers will need different skill sets and experiences from those they have today. In fact, our survey findings show that:
HRPS Research graphics_Future Chief HR -1.jpg

Our research brings forward five pivot points that serve as a call to action for the CPO and their organizations to imagine, invent and ignite a new path forward. Serving as both a reality check and action guide, The Future Chief People Officer: Imagine. Invent. Ignite report examines the key skills, mindsets and behaviors that will help the CPO of the future shape rigorous and innovative human capital solutions. 

Digital Workforce Transformation
What's Next?

Before COVID-19, business models were being transformed by technology. Now all companies have become " "technology companies". Organizations need to train, manage and hire a wide range of tech professionals. That means companies need to know precisely what it takes to attract and keep tech workers. After all, they are notoriously demanding—nearly half are considering hopping jobs right now.
​ ​ ​ ​HRPS Research graphics_Technical Workers -1.jpg
Effectively Managing Tech Workers: A New Imperative in the Digital Age research report identifies four areas organizations need to focus on when it comes to effectively managing tech workers: Management practices, organizational culture, compensation, and employee recognition and features a maturity model to help organizations benchmark their practices and identify specific actions that will help them manage and retain these critical employees. Is your organization prepared? 

​White Papers

Optimizing the Employee Experience
By Josh Bersin
By Anna Marie Valerio, Ph.D.
Disability and HR Strategy
By Suzanne Bruyere, Ph.D. 
By Mark B. Nadler and 
Anna A. Travis, Ph.D. 
icon ​  
By Michael Couch, Ph.D

Research by Topic

Business Leadership and Strategy 

The Future Chief People Officer: Imagine. Invent. Ignite Produced in partnership with Willis Towers Watson 

The HR Function in 2021: Models and Competencies | Produced by the Cornell University Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies

HR Shared Services (HRSS): Models and Trends | Produced by the Cornell University Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies

Inside the C-Suite: The CEO, the Board, and the ELT | Produced by the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business

Board of Directors: HR's Most Challenging Frontier | Authors: Mark B. Nadler and Anna A. Travis, Ph.D.

Succession Planning

CFO and CHRO Succession | Produced by the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business

CEO Succession Success: A Board Perspective | Produced by the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business

The Chief HR Officer's Role in CEO Succession Planning | Produced by the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business

Diversity and Inclusion

Gender Inclusion by Top Leaders | Author: Anna Marie Valerio, Ph.D

Social Movements and HR: The Impact of #MeToo | Author: David Boyle and Amanda Cucchiara

Elevating Women in Leadership | Sponsored by Lee Hecht Harrison

Diversity in CEO Succession Pools | Produced by the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business

The Aging Workforce: Leveraging the Talents of Mature Employees | Underwritten by a grant from the Sloan Foundation 

Disability and HR Strategy Author: Susanne Bruyere 

Future of Work 

A New Model of Talent Management: The Internal Talent Marketplace | Author: Josh Bersin

Meeting the Challenges of Developing Collaborative Teams for Future Success | Author: Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

The Alternative Workforce: Not So Alternative Anymore | Author: Josh Bersin

Workplace Redesign: Current Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities | Authors: Nathan Adams, Rachel Allen, and Emeka Ojukwu

Optimizing the Employee Experience | Author: Josh Bersin

The Chief Human Resource Officer: Exploring the Counselor, Confidante, and Coach Role | Author: Patrick M. Wright, Anthony J. Nyberg, Donald J. Schepker, and Spenser Essman

Innovation and Technology

Privacy and Ethics in People Analytics | Author: Josh Bersin 

Effectively Managing Tech Workers: A New Imperative in the Digital Age | Author: Josh Bersin 

AI in HR: The New Frontier | Author: Josh Bersin

HR: Innovation's Accelerator | Produced by the Cornell University Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies

Human Capital Trends

Paid Leave in America: An Economic Overview
Author: SHRM and Oxford Economics 

Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends