SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle

Established in 2012, the SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle is an elite group of donors who contribute $1,000 (or more) each year for at least three years. The work of the SHRM Foundation is lead by these passionate individuals who are dedicated to our work of empowering HR to build inclusive organizations.  

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As a SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle donor, you receive:
  • Invitation to the SHRM Foundation's annual brunch 
  • Recognition of support throughout the year
  • SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle lapel pin

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SHRM Foundation ​Leadership Circle donors at the SHRM Foundation's Luncheon, June 2016​SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle donors at the SHRM Foundation's Thought Leaders Solutions forum, October 2017

To learn more about joining the SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle, contact us at or 703.535.6020.

Thank you to our SHRM Foundation Leadership Circle donors:
Janet alberti
alexander alonso, ph.d., shrm-scp
Melissa Anderson
sally hornick anderson, shrm-scp
Jeaneen Andrews-Feldman
James L. Banks, Jr., J.D.
john m. bremen
samuel bresler, ph.d., shrm-scp
Steven J. Browne, SHRM-SCP
Tiffany Ramos Cardwell
d. bruce christian
susan k. craft, shrm-scp
thomas darrow, shrm-scp
Beth Davisson
Emily M. Dickens, J.D.
scott drach, shrm-scp
ivette mendez dupuis, shrm-scp
jarred elias, shrm-scp
delta emerson
bradley d. galin, shrm-scp
Camille chang gilmore
edie goldberg, ph.d.
lyle hanna
michele fantt harris
paula h. harvey, shrm-scp
Gary Jones, SHRM-SCP
Nancy l. Kasmar, SHRM-SCP
elizabeth (betsy) larson, shrm-scp
Gary Latham, Ph.D.
michael letizia, shrm-cp
jeffrey lindeman, shrm-scp
jim link, shrm-scp
merry lee lison, shrm-scp

tom mathews
jeff nally, shrm-scp
Nancy C. Nelson, SHRM-SCP
Jeffrey C. Palkowski, SHRM-CP
karen b. paul, ph.d. 
roshelle pavlin, shrm-scp
Jessica Perry
Dr. Daniel purushotham
coretha m. rushing, shrm-scp
sara rynes, ph.d. 
diego salmon
elizabeth (libby) p. sartain, shrm-scp
nick schacht, shrm-scp
james schultz
sharon sellers, shrm-scp
meisha sherman
Lynn Shotwell
melissa dawn simkins
Johanna Söderström
faith stipanovich, shrm-scp
david swanson
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., SHRM-SCP
nicole trapasso
scott r. washburn, shrm-scp
Nicholas Wennerstrom, SHRM-CP
brandi williams
mandy woulfe, shrm-scp
Patrick wright, ph.d. 
Melanie S. Young
gretchen zech, shrm-scp
ian ziskin
trisha zulic, shrm-scp
lawrence (Larry) S. Valenti, SHRM-SCP

*List updated April 26, 2019

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ways to prepare your workforce for the possibility of business closures, working from home, quarantines and other outcomes of a disease outbreak.

Ways to prepare your workforce for the possibility of business closures, working from home, quarantines and other outcomes of a disease outbreak.

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