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Helping employers engage the full spectrum of talent

Widening Pathways to Work

If we mobilize and equip HR to embrace untapped pools of talent and activate a skills-first mindset for recruitment and retention, then we will widen pathways to work so that all talent and workplaces prosper and thrive.

SHRM Foundation believes everyone deserves the chance to contribute and thrive in the workforce. Every day, we support HR leaders, hiring managers, and executives with the tools, trainings, research, and resources they need to find, recruit, hire, retain, and advance people who might otherwise be locked out of work.

Skilled Credentials at Work

Through our Skilled Credentials at Work portfolio, we support employers in shifting the policies and practices within their workplace from degree-centered to “whole human” centered. 

This means embracing (and assessing) all the different ways that someone’s skills, talents, aptitudes, and competencies can be gained and shared to improve the world of work.  


of Americans over the age of 25 do not have traditional degrees. That’s over 175 million workers.


fewer Americans are enrolling for 2 or 4-year degrees now than 5 years ago. That’s over 1 million fewer people per year.


increase in skilled credential programs in the last 5 years. There are now over 1 million credentialing options.

Untapped Pools of Talent

Through our Untapped Pools of Talent portfolio, we ensure that employers know how, when, and where to find key skilled populations that have historically been marginalized from work. 

We particularly work to support employers in accessing military-connected talent, people with disabilities, people impacted by the justice system, and opportunity youth.


of Americans are connected to the military as active duty, Veterans, or caregivers and family members.


of adults in the United States have been impacted by the justice system.


of the working age population in the U.S. has a disability.