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Develop and Engage Your Leaders to Unlock the Power of Purpose

The best leaders are inclusive and lead with purpose—creating an environment that allows everyone to bring their best to work every day and align their efforts with the organization’s goals. 

The Purposeful Leadership Model, which highlights the five commitments leaders need to practice and achieve breakthrough results, serves as the foundation to the Accelerating Purposeful Leadership Signature Solution from Linkage, a SHRM Company.

How It Works

The Purposeful Leadership Model from Linkage, a SHRM Company, equips leaders to be more inclusive, more purposeful and ultimately more effective in how they lead.

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A Research-Backed Framework

Research from Linkage, a SHRM Company, shows that companies that develop inclusive, purposeful leaders enjoy 2x stronger revenue growth, 4x profit growth and 9x employee engagement.

  • INSPIRE: Provides hope and inspiration for the future and directs energy toward a bold vision. 
  • ENGAGE: Identifies and offers opportunities to engage, contribute and thrive at work. 
  • INNOVATE: Drives new thinking and creative freedom. Reimagines realities for competitive differentiation and success. 
  • ACHIEVE: Accomplishes successful outcomes and delivers excellence by creating appropriate structure and clarity. 
  • BECOME: Grows with determination, compassion, self-awareness and courage.

A Holistic Approach

Successfully building and developing a pipeline of leaders starts with the data. Research-based assessments from Linkage, a SHRM Company, are designed to empower organizations with the metrics they need to assess leaders and measure the success of their leadership development initiatives.


Purposeful Leadership® 360° Assessment with Inclusion Scale

Enable your leaders to examine their ability to lead inclusively and identify key opportunities to improve their ability to engage and lead across difference through this diagnostic 360° assessment.


Inclusive Organization Assessment

Equip your organization with the critical benchmark data and leading indicators needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to build an inclusive organization.

Build a pipeline of leaders equipped to rise to the challenge of leading in a fast-paced and evolving world. Linkage, a SHRM Company, delivers best-in-class programming designed to drive results.


Purposeful Leadership®: Leading Inclusively for Senior Leaders Program

A two-day learning experience designed to develop more effective and inclusive senior leaders. Offered face-to-face or virtually.


Purposeful Leadership® Essentials

Discover a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip leaders with the essentials of the research-backed Purposeful Leadership model.


Purposeful Leadership® Academy

Elevate the capabilities of your leaders in the critical areas associated with effective leadership through a three-day in-person learning experience consisting of 8 modules.


Purposeful Leadership® Digital Academy

Elevate the capabilities of your leaders in the critical areas associated with effective leadership through an innovative online learning experience.


Purposeful Leadership® Virtual Sessions

Empower your leaders with a core understanding of Purposeful Leadership—with the goal of creating better, more effective leaders, through a 4-or 8-module virtual learning experience.


Purposeful Leadership® Coaching

Empower leaders at your organization to take the next step in their leadership journeys through one-on-one executive coaching, designed to equip leaders with an action plan for success.

Scale the deployment of your leadership development efforts by training in-house talent with the skills they need to have broad-reaching impact. Partner with Linkage, a SHRM Company, to multiply the impact of your leadership development. 


Redesigning Inclusion: Becoming an Inclusion Champion for Leaders

Designed to equip leaders with actionable tools they need to lead inclusively and foster cultures of inclusion. Offered face-to-face or virtually.


Redesigning Inclusion: Becoming an Inclusion Champion for the Workforce

Empower your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to champion inclusion within your organization. Offered face-to-face or virtually.


Purposeful Leadership® 360° Assessment Certification

Empower leadership development professionals to administer one of the industry's most powerful, research-based assessment tools through convenient online certification.


Executive Sponsorship

Provide executives with the skills and mindset to sponsor underrepresented leaders to enhance the leadership pipeline.


Keynote: Discover the 5 Commitments Leaders Can Make to Supercharge Their Leadership

Unlock the power of Purposeful Leadership and learn actionable strategies to face and embrace change at work.

We have retained 92% of our physicians and executives who have been a part of the program for the last two years and promoted 71%.

Catherine Calvin, Group Director, Talent Management

Centura Health

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Ready to Build a Pipeline of Purposeful Leaders?

Accelerate the path to career advancement for leaders throughout your team. Balance the scales of equity in the C-suite and lower the barriers to break into that key first management role, transforming the career potential your organization offers.

Partner with SHRM Enterprise Solutions to accelerate the development of purposeful leaders at your organization.