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Recertification Provider Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the SHRM Recertification Provider Program, organizations must offer high-quality HR educational programming that aligns with the content areas outlined in the SHRM BASK, have the resources to effectively support the program's administrative requirements, and must have been in operation offering HR programming for at least one year.


SHRM Recertification Provider Program participants must:

  1. Designate a program administrator. This individual is responsible for entering relevant educational programming into the SHRM online database in addition to serving as the organization's primary program contact. 
  2. Award PDCs for programs using the prescribed SHRM method. Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program (meals and breaks should not be included). Time is calculated in 15-minute increments and documented in quarter-hour (.25) measures or multiples thereof.

    a. 30-minute educational program = .50 PDCs
    b. 45-minute program = .75 PDCs
    c. 1-hour webinar = 1 PDC
    d. 1-hour and 15-minute concurrent conference session = 1.25 PDCs

  3. Enter program information into the SHRM online database. Programs must be entered before they occur. The system will not accept retroactive entries.
  4. Adhere to SHRM Recertification Provider Program badge usage guidelines. Refer to the Provider Program badge Usage Guide for compliance details. 
  5. Provide program participants with verification of attendance. This can be provided in the form of a certificate of completion or e-mail notification. Include the number of PDCs assigned to the activity and the date(s) attended in the document.
  6. Comply with any/all verification review requests. Retain program documentation including participant attendance verification for a minimum of three years.
  7. Comply with all renewal/autorenewal process, policies and procedures.

Renewal Or Auto-Renewal Process

SHRM Recertification General Providers are required to renew their participation in the program every two-years. All other Provider types (i.e., SHRM Affiliates, Ed Partners and SHRM Academic Aligned Institutions) are subject to auto-renewal in accordance with their established term limits. Information regarding renewal/auto-renewal requirements will be sent to the program administrator approximately 90 days prior to the Provider's term end date.

Compliance & Verification

SHRM has a responsibility to maintain and protect the integrity of the SHRM Recertification Provider Program. This includes ensuring that programs offered by SHRM Recertification Providers align. To this end, SHRM reserves the right to:

  1. Award SHRM Recertification Provider status only to those who meet the required qualifications.
  2. Conduct random verification reviews of provider program submissions and websites to verify program compliance.
  3. Monitor proper use of the SHRM Recertification Provider badge.
  4. Terminate SHRM Recertification Provider status if there is evidence of the provider's failure to uphold SHRM education criteria or comply with program guidelines (see Denial & Termination below).

Denial & Termination

SHRM is committed to working with each SHRM Recertification Provider Program applicant to ensure a smooth application process. In the event an applicant is denied Provider status, the applicant may request an appeal of the decision within 30 days of notice. If the denial is upheld, the applicant must wait one year from the original date of submission to reapply.

SHRM’s goal is to help rectify any application issues. In the event an existing SHRM Recertification Provider is found to be in violation of program standards or procedures, the Provider will be notified by SHRM staff of the violation and given 30 days to make corrections. Failure to comply by the end of the 30-day period may result in suspension or termination of SHRM Recertification Provider status.

Legal Restrictions

The U.S. Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is responsible for the enforcement of U.S. economic sanctions. These sanctions make it illegal for SHRM or anyone on SHRM’s behalf, such as SHRM Recertification Providers, to offer SHRM courses or other SHRM materials that are approved for SHRM professional development credits (PDCs) to any individual who is prohibited from receiving them. For this reason, if any individual registers for a course and desires to obtain SHRM PDCs for his/her attendance, and the individual is located in or ordinarily a resident of countries listed on the OFAC list, the SHRM Recertification Provider must screen the individual against the OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List prior to conducting the course(s). (The list is updated frequently. SHRM strongly recommends that you check the online list frequently as well to ensure compliance.) In the event an individual is listed on the SDN List, the SHRM Recertification Provider agrees that it will not permit such individual to receive PDCs or any certificate stating that the individual is eligible to claim SHRM PDCs for participation in the course(s). SHRM Recertification Providers agree to promptly comply with any changes or additions to the above-listed countries or requirements upon notification by SHRM.

Have Questions?

Please refer to the Recertification Provider Guide for additional details.