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Achieve More with a Successful HR Team

Employees are the core of your business, and HR is the heartbeat. Strengthen your most dynamic function with the tools designed to maximize their potential and improve your bottom line.

Empower the People in Charge of Your Productivity & Profitability

HR serves as the driving force behind your workforce’s momentum. Are they equipped with every advantage to help them excel?

Our robust suite of solutions equips HR teams with critical skills to adapt and evolve with modern business demands, from building an engaging and inclusive culture to staying ahead of emerging technologies.

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It's not one size fits all; there are different aspects of HR knowledge, HR domain expertise, and all the different functional dynamics. With that in mind, SHRM Enterprise Solutions enables us to really identify all those different spectrums and how we are going to make sure, as an organization, that we're bringing the best to our own internal associates so that they, in turn, can deliver the best to our clients.

Kristen J. Appleman, Sr. Vice President & General Manager


Business Essentials at Every Level

Develop your team’s expertise and inspire them to lead the charge for excellence.

Ready to raise the bar for your organization? Start at the source with a SHRM Enterprise Membership.

Explore opportunities to engage your team and challenge them to advance their skillsets and grow their network.

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Advance Your HR Team with Enterprise Solutions

With more than 75 years of experience as the leading authority on HR and workforce management, SHRM Enterprise Solutions stands as a premier HR and business transformation partner. Trusted by 95% of Forbes 500 companies, our clientele spans across a variety of industries. SHRM is uniquely poised to empower your HR team and enhance workplace culture for every member of your workforce.