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The Talent Edge: Proven Strategies for Hire to Retire

Companies need to attract the best candidates from a competitive and diverse applicant pool, keep them fully engaged, and develop top talent into the leaders of tomorrow.

Create a dynamic talent strategy that embraces this approach to develop an uplifting workplace culture where everyone can grow, improve and thrive in the long term.

From Hire to Inspire: Mastering Talent Acquisition

The trends around having effective talent acquisition teams are rapidly changing, from using emerging technology and appealing to Generation Z to supporting hiring managers and shifting to skills-based hiring.

Equip your experts with the latest tactics, tools and best practices for talent management.

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Create a Talent Strategy to Develop Your Ideal Leadership Team of Tomorrow

Managing every stage of the talent journey is the key to long-term organizational success and requires investing in employees at each level of your team.

Take a proactive approach to developing your ideal leadership team by identifying, nurturing and advancing high-potential individuals. We provide customized training solutions to level up your people managers and establish more inclusive leadership.

Actionable Solutions to Supercharge Recruiting and Talent Management

Leverage a full range of solutions available through SHRM to take your workforce to the next level and stand out in today’s competitive labor market.

  • Certify your talent team in a specialty credential.
  • Keep your best practices up-to-date with seminars on the latest HR industry trends.
  • Provide your team with exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Deploy flexible eLearning or in-person team trainings on talent acquisition.
  • Distribute engagement assessments to bridge the gap between actual and perceived employee satisfaction levels.
  • Integrate inclusive leadership solutions to turn today's top performers into the leaders of tomorrow.
SHRM22 Annual Conference and Expo on June 13, 2022.

SHRM Talent

Send your team of recruiting experts to learn the latest methods needed to attract the best candidates and retain top talent in today’s competitive market.

As a corporate delegation, your team will:

  • Unlock insights into the needs and motivations of today’s applicant pools.
  • Revolutionize your approach to talent management.
  • Adopt new data-driven practices that will create a thriving and adaptable workforce.
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Discover Tailored Leadership Development Solutions

Train your leaders with the proven datasets and proprietary training of the Linkage Signature Solution tailored for your needs to elevate women and inclusive leaders at your organization.

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Ready to Support Your Talent Teams?

Schedule a free consultation with one of our solutions experts to find the perfect approach to talent management and professional development for every level of your workforce.