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Active Shooter Preparedness and Response

As workplace shootings become more common throughout the U.S., HR and corporate leaders may feel unsure of the best way to react and communicate afterward, particularly if the violence occurred on their premises and someone was injured. Most likely, the event was chaotic, disruptive, traumatic and frightening for many workers. It may take some time to recover from the damage done to employee morale and to the physical building and business operations.

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The most effective workplace violence prevention plan is one that is put in place long before trouble occurs. Employees need to understand what to do in an emergency and what the company's response will be.

Understanding Workplace Violence Prevention and Response
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Mass shootings have become more common across the country in recent years, making it even more critical for employers to ensure that their workplaces are safe and that workers understand how to handle active shooter scenarios.
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The Supreme Court's decision earlier this year significantly curtailed a state’s ability to restrict citizens’ right to carry firearms publicly for their self-defense. Employers can still stop workers from carrying guns in the workplace, but they need to consider state laws.
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Organizational stakeholders must invest more time and effort into gaining better insight into the prevention of and survival from active shooter incidents. With a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities involved in an active shooter situation, stakeholders should implement the following strategies to achieve a successful multidimensional response.
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As more mass shootings happen each year in the United States, courts are beginning to rethink businesses' responsibility for preventing or mitigating these events. Some recent mass shootings have led to major settlements on behalf of property owners and their insurance providers with survivors and victims' families.
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10 Minutes To Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E.®

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