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Unlimited Paid Leave Policy (General)

[Company Name] employees are professionals with responsibilities to the company, to our internal and external customers, and to themselves. [Company Name] expects each employee to determine for himself or herself, consistent with the employee's responsibilities, how much time to take off from work. Time away from work is beneficial, and all employees are encouraged to take it; however, no particular amount of time off is promised, guaranteed, vested or accrued. Compensation is not reduced for taking time off under this policy, but the time off will not be counted as hours worked when computing overtime for nonexempt employees. 


This Open Leave Policy applies to all regular employees of [Company Name].

Applicable Reasons for Leave:

This policy applies to time off for purposes such as vacation, relaxation, personal or family matters, illness, leave for jury duty, bereavement, and leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other federal/state/local leave laws. The appropriate policies should also be consulted for any additional requirements for leaves that may run concurrent with this policy. 

Scheduling Time Off:

Employees must follow the steps below if they intend to take leave under this policy for vacation or personal reasons known in advance. For time off under this policy for other reasons, please consult the applicable leave policy for information regarding notification, documentation, approval and any other requirements related to the leave.

  • Obtain manager approval at least two weeks in advance when possible. If taking off more than a week at a time additional consideration, planning and coordination with your manager may be required. 
  • Enter all leave time on your timesheet.
  • Set the "Out of Office Assistant" in Outlook and change your voicemail greeting to the appropriate out-of-office option.

As is the case with all policies [Company Name] has the exclusive right to interpret, amend or terminate this policy in accordance with applicable laws.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact Human Resources.


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