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A New Framework to Engage and Advance Women Leaders in the Workplace

Now is the time for every organization to create and execute a robust and effective strategy to advance women in leadership at all levels. Decades of progress toward gender parity are on the line.

The Advancing Women Leaders™ Signature Solution from Linkage, a SHRM Company, is a practical framework that enables organizations to attract, retain, develop and advance women leaders at all levels.

How It Works

The Advancing Women Leaders™ Signature Solution is informed by research from Linkage, a SHRM Company, which has identified:

  • The Inner Critic and 7 Hurdles to Advancement that women face in the workplace—as well as the corresponding competencies needed to overcome them.
  • The four key dimensions organizations must address to achieve and maintain gender parity: Culture, Talent Systems, Executive Action, and Leadership Development for Women.

Assessments, programming and consulting speak directly to these hurdles, competencies and dimensions, and equipping organizations with the data and direction they need to make a real impact.

7 Hurdles to Advancement

Extensive research from Linkage, a SHRM Company, and our work with thousands of women leaders have empowered us to identify the top hurdles women leaders must scale on the path to advancement.

A Holistic Approach

Developing women leaders starts with the data. Research-based assessments from Linkage, a SHRM Company, are the only diagnostic tools available that are designed specifically to diagnose and address the strategic goal of the advancement of women leaders.


Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment™

Empower women to identify and cultivate the competencies needed to break into and rise in the executive ranks.


Advancing Women Leaders Organizational Assessment™

Focus your organization's efforts in the areas that will be most impactful when it comes to advancing women leaders.

Organizations which see the best results through their women’s leadership initiatives provide their women leaders with the latest in leadership development specifically and uniquely designed for women. Leadership development for women from Linkage, a SHRM Company, includes best-in-class programming designed to drive results.


Women in Leadership Institute™

Now, you can experience the Women in Leadership Institute virtually or in-person in Orlando, Florida. Scale the hurdles to advancement through leadership development specifically designed for women.


Advancing Women Leaders Game Changer Negotiation Program

Presented in Partnership with Molly Fletcher | Designed to equip women leaders with the insights, knowledge and real-world tactics they need to successfully negotiate in a changing and uncertain world.


Advancing Women Leaders Essentials

Discover a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip women leaders with the skills and tools they need to advance.


Advancing Women Leaders Digital Academy

Give women leaders access to strategically targeted skill-building exercises, simulations, and case studies through an innovative online learning experience.


Advancing Women Leaders Academy™

Give women leaders access to strategically targeted skill-building exercises, simulations, case studies through a three-day in-person learning experience consisting of 8 modules.


Advancing Women Leaders Virtual Sessions

Reach your on-the-go workforce through convenient virtual leadership development, specifically designed for women. This 4- or 8-module virtual learning experience is designed to empower women leaders to recognize the hurdles that impede their advancement in the workplace—and help them identify tools and best practices to help overcome these barriers.


Advancing Women Leaders Coaching

Empower women leaders to take the next step in their leadership journeys and realize their full leadership potential through personalized, one-on-one executive coaching, designed to equip women with an action plan for success.

Multiply the impact of your strategy to advance women leaders by thoughtfully implementing programming designed to enable you to scale your efforts. Expansion opportunities from Linkage, a SHRM Company, empower your organization to create the culture shift needed for meaningful results.


Advancing Women Leaders 360° Assessment Certification

Put your internal team in the driver’s seat when it comes to administering this powerful, research-based tool with women leaders at your organization.


Keynote: Women Leaders Rising - Actionable Strategies to Create Gender Equity in Your Organization

Equip leaders at your organization with actionable strategies to support the advancement of women leaders.


Keynote: Your Time is Now! Addressing the Inner Critic and the 7 Hurdles to Your Career Advancement

Engage women leaders with accessible and actionable programming to help them scale the hurdles to advancement.


Executive Sponsorship

Provide executives with the skills and mindset to sponsor underrepresented leaders to enhance the leadership pipeline.


It is inspiring to see the participants realizing their full potential as leaders. They are becoming even stronger role models capable of challenging themselves and others--not only within Avanade, but with our clients and beyond.

Pamela Maynard, Chief Executive Officer

Avanade Europe

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Ready to Advance Your Women Leaders?

Harness the power of data-driven solutions, comprehensive 360° assessments and the latest best practices to pave a path forward. Embrace gender equity and empower women leaders throughout your company through proven strategies for success.

Partner with SHRM Enterprise Solutions to accelerate the development of women leaders at your organization.