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SHRM Public Policy Priorities

As we work with policymakers, learn more about SHRM's public policy priorities.

SHRM Priorities for the 118th Congress

As SHRM celebrates its 75th Anniversary, the organization is focused on recognizing the success of the past and acknowledging the need to drive meaningful change to stay ahead of workplace change. To make the most of this year, SHRM is calling on Congress to update three key pieces of legislation that greatly impact the future of work, workers and the workplace.

Signed over 30 years ago, the significant shift in the paid and unpaid leave landscapes, as well as significant changes in federal accommodations, worker classifications and the entire culture of work have left FMLA’s application in the modern world unclear. SHRM supports policy efforts that provide clarity, compliance relief and program integrity for employers while meeting the needs of employees.

SHRM supports removing barriers to recruiting, hiring, transferring and retaining top talent; the efficient use of employment-based visas; improving case processing; and boosting efficiency, transparency and fairness in workplace immigration.

Given recent attention to key topics addressed in the FLSA — particularly worker classification and overtime exemptions — SHRM advocates for clear, consistent and balanced laws and regulations that benefit employers, workers and the economy.

Let's Get to Work

At SHRM, we are focused on six key policy areas that have a meaningful impact on the workplace.

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Support effective workforce development strategies

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Advance healthy workplace cultures and workplace inclusion

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Enact modern paid leave and workplace flexibility solutions

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Strengthen and improve the employer-based health care system

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Build a modern immigration system that fuels economic growth and protects U.S. workers

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Promote clear, balanced rules and guidance on governance issues

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