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Every day, businesses miss out on talented people because their gifts, aptitude and skills aren't as easy to identify as a degree on a resume. HR leaders must step up to make all learning paths count in assessing whether a person can thrive in a job.

To widen pathways to work, employers need the tools and training to assess a prospective worker's full set of competencies, gifts and skills, including and beyond those conferred by traditional education degrees.

That's skills-based hiring!

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SHRM Foundation is working hard to increase knowledge, reduce barriers and support HR in transitioning towards a skills-based hiring and retention mindset.

The Rise Of Skilled Credentials In Hiring
Can certifications, badges and apprenticeships stand-in for traditional education and work experience? SHRM and SHRM Foundation released benchmark research on how employers and employees view and value skilled credentials.
The Rise Of Skilled Credentials In Hiring
Ready for Success: Adopting a Skills Mindset in Employment Practices is a toolkit to solve your talent acquisition issues. This 12-step, action-oriented toolkit is designed to help organizations confidently drive progress in adoption a skills-based hiring mindset.
The Rise Of Skilled Credentials In Hiring
SHRM Foundation’s Apprenticeship Program is closing the skills gap in HR by leveraging a learn and earn model to support employers of all sizes. Apprenticeships allow employers to provide customized training and are a way to tap into a more diverse pool of job candidates.

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