Recognition of SHRM Chapters and State Councils

With the support from SHRM chapters, state councils, and volunteer leaders, the SHRM Foundation is able to fulfill our mission to champion workforce and workplace transformation. THANK YOU!

To say thanks to chapters, councils, and volunteer leaders who go above-and-beyond, the SHRM Foundation has created the following recognition awards. As a charity, the SHRM Foundation's work is only possible through the generosity of passionate individuals, organizations, and SHRM chapters and state councils.  

Innovation Awards

16-0769 Logo for Innovation Award Winners_FNL - Crop.jpgTHANK YOU to the SHRM chapters and state councils that applied for our 2017 Innovation Awards.
Application deadline: October 13, 2017
Winners announced during SHRM's Volunteer Leaders' Summit, November 16-18, 2017

The SHRM Foundation recognizes chapters and state councils that host innovative campaigns, events or programs to advance the SHRM Foundation's mission. Annual winners are recognized during SHRM's Volunteer Leaders Summit each November, and receive a plaque, a digital badge and are featured in the SHRM Foundation's Monthly Update email newsletter on the website.

Seven awards will be delivered in 2017, with one to each of the following:
  • Small size chapter
  • Medium size chapter 
  • Large size chapter
  • Mega chapter
  • Super mega chapter
  • State council
  • Special award to a chapter or council that hosts an innovative program to support older workers and to challenge myths about the aging workforce, a current SHRM Foundation inclusion initiative

Congratulations to the 2016 Innovation Award winners  

 Small Chapter: Elizabethtown SHRM (ESHRM, Kentucky)
 Innovative programs: "I am HR" fundraising campaign, Opportunity Knox Partnership

To help raise funds for the SHRM Foundation and to recognize the diverse faces of their HR community, ESHRM created a magazine to feature the faces of HR professionals in a campaign called "I am HR." Individuals and corporations supported the magazine by purchasing an article, and the chapter sold copies of the magazine with all funds raised being donated to the SHRM Foundation.

The Opportunity Knox Partnership connects ESHERM members as mentors with military veterans. Through this program, members have assisted with job preparation and resume assistance while welcoming veterans into their inclusive chapter community.  ​
Elizabethtown SHRM.png

Medium Chapter: Big Bend SHRM (BBSHRM, Florida)
Innovative program: Master Series presentations to educate and raise funds

​BBSHRM supported the SHRM Foundation by creating a Breakfast Master Series to provide a learning opportunity for members and the business community about import HR issues, while sharing about the work of the SHRM Foundation. Each session was certified for SHRM certification and all registration fees were donated to the SHRM Foundation.
BBSHMR Florida.jpg
Large Chapter: Delaware SHRM Chapter (Delaware)
Innovative program: The Golden Club

​To promote and support the SHRM Foundation's 50th anniversary, the Delaware SHRM Chapter created the Golden Club in honor of the golden anniversary.  To join the club, chapter members made a $50 donation to the SHRM Foundation, and in return, were entered in to drawings for prizes at events throughout the year.   
Delaware SHRM.jpg

Mega Chapter: Raleigh Wake HRMA (RWHRMA, North Carolina)
Innovative program: 5k and fun run to support SHRM Foundation and Dress for Success

​The 4th annual 5k and fun run hosted by RWHRMA benefited the SHRM Foundation and the local chapter of Dress for Success. Registration fees were donated to the charities and further information was provided to attendees. To promote the festive atmosphere, runners were encouraged to "dress to impress"! 
Raleigh Wake HRMA.png

Super Mega: Long Island Chapter of SHRM (SHRM-LI, New York)
Innovative program: Sponsorship to benefit SHRM Foundation and sharing the SHRM Foundation via Instagram
​As a community partner, SHRM-LI created a tiered sponsorship program with funds donated to the SHRM Foundation. Sponsorship benefits include logo and company name on memos and correspondences that go out from SHRM-LI. 

SHRM-LI launched their Instagram account as a way to share information about the SHRM Foundation. Each week a new initiative, program, or business report generated by the SHRM Foundation was posted on their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. This was a great interactive and easy way to keep the members updated about the newest research on topics affecting them in the workplace.
Long Island SHRM.png

State Council: Pennsylvania SHRM (PASHRM, Pennsylvania)
Innovative Program: SHRM Foundation Games, certification scholarship sponsorship
​During the Pennsylvania State Leadership Conference, an east versus west competition was created for the first "Foundation Games". Contestants were asked 10 questions, with points being given to the team with the right answer. Luckily, all contestants were winners with everyone walking away with greater knowledge of the SHRM Foundation and copies of Foundation resources.  

To give all HR professionals in Pennsylvania the opportunity to earn their SHRM certification, PASHRM sponsored two certification scholarships. Each scholarship includes an award for $750 to support testing exam and preparation costs. The awards will be delivered for five years, beginning in 2017. 

Download a PDF summary of the 2015 Innovation Awards

Top 10 Fundraising State Councils

The Top 10 Fundraising list honors SHRM state councils that have the highest total annual contributions each year. Totals include gifts from the state council, plus recognition credits given by individuals or companies when making their donation. 

Top fundraising state councils are recognized on the SHRM Foundation’s website and in the Monthly Update email newsletter, are awarded a digital badge to display on the council website, and receive an award from the SHRM Foundation at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition.


​1.​HR Florida State Council, Inc.​$26,412.00
​2.​Virginia SHRM State Council​$20,756.95
​3.​California State Council of SHRM​$18,544.75
​4.​Georgia SHRM State Council​$15,864.27
​5.​Alabama SHRM State Council​$15,237.00
​6.​Kentucky SHRM State Council​$12,989.00
​7.​Pennsylvania SHRM State Council​$12,560.00
​8.​Texas SHRM State Council​$11,816.32
9.​​Garden State Council SHRM, Inc.​$11,652.00
10.​​North Carolina SHRM State Council$11,065.00

Top 25 Fundraising Chapters

​With more than 500 SHRM chapters, the Top 25 Fundraising Chapters represents the top 5% of all chapters. Chapters on this list have the highest total annual contributions, with totals including gifts from the chapter, plus recognition credits given by individuals or companies when making their donation. 

Top fundraising chapters are recognized on the SHRM Foundation’s website and in the Monthly Update email newsletter, are awarded a digital badge to display on the chapter website, and receive an award from the SHRM Foundation at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition.

​1. ​SHRM-AtlantaGA$17,542.77​
2​​SHRM-Long Island Chapter​NY​$14,731.00
​3. ​Louisville SHRM​KY​$9,311.00
​4. ​Charlotte Area SHRM​NC​$7,965.00
​5. ​HR Houston​TX​$7,910.00
​6. ​El Paso SHRMTX​​$7,585.00
​7. SHRM Jacksonville​​FL​$7,103.11
​8. ​Raleigh/Wake HRMANC​​$6,847.18
9. ​SHRM-Bluegrass Chapter​KY​$6,825.00
​10. ​Lane County HRA​OR​$6,373.00
11. ​Northern Virginia SHRM​VA​$6,006.00
​12. ​Dallas HRMA​TX​$5,839.25
​13. Greater Orlando SHRM​​FL​$5,341.00
​14. ​SHRM Guam​GU​$5,070.00
​15. ​San Antonio HRMA​TX​$5,041.00
​16. ​Austin HRMA​TX​$4,935.00
17. ​HRMA of Greater St. Louis​​MO​$4,837.00
​18. ​Green Bay Area Chapter of SHRM​WI​$4,715.00
​19. ​HR Collier​FL​$4,689.59
20.​​Big Bend SHRMFL​​$4,650.00
​21. ​HRA of Central Ohio​OH​$4,440.00
​22. ​North Alabama SHRM​AL​$4,353.00
​23. ​Portland HRMA​OR​$4,290.00
​24.​South King County Chapter​WA​$4,143.14
​25. ​HR Tampa​FL$4,070.00

Foundation Champions

SHRMF_council_championLogo_for web.jpgSHRM Foundation Champions are SHRM chapters and state councils that support the SHRM Foundation by:

  1. Making an annual donation to the SHRM Foundation directly from chapter/council funds by December 31
  2. Encourage members to join Team Empower, a special club for individuals who donate $30 or more and pledge to support the SHRM Foundation's annual inclusion initiative
  3. Host a fundraising event to benefit the SHRM Foundation
SHRMF_chapchampionLogo_for web.jpgTo become a Foundation Champion, complete each of the three steps and include further information in your SHAPE workbook. The Champion status is awarded each spring, and qualifying chapters and councils are recognized on the SHRM Foundation website and receive a digital badge to display on their chapter or council website.