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Reimagining the Resume

The what, why and how of learning employment records (LERs) for HR professionals.

Throughout its history, the HR profession has turned to new, innovative tools to overcome obstacles and open new paths to talent. Another such moment is at hand.

The Learning and Employment Record (LER) offers HR professionals a new tool for making skills-based talent strategies deliver for their employers and employees.

By allowing job candidates to present a verifiable and universal digital portrait of their full skills and qualifications, LERs broaden and deepen talent pools and make it easier for HR professionals to match job candidates to an open position’s success factors.

This initiative is made possible through the generous support of a grant from Walmart.

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The LER Advantage

An LER is a reliable way for institutions to confer credentials; for individuals to capture and convey them; and for employers to consider a job candidate’s actual skills and qualifications – a powerful combination we have never had before.

Why Consider LERs? The HR Case for Adoption

By delivering a verifiable, digital accounting of the skills that credentials represent, LERs offer great benefits to HR professionals and hiring managers as they search for innovative employment practices to help them find, recruit and retain qualified talent.

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LERs Can Expand Access to Qualified Job Candidates

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LERs Can Save HR Professionals Valuable Time

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LERs Can Increase Retention Rates of New Hires