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Communicate, Collaborate and Expand Your Network

Whether you sign up as a mentor or a mentee, SHRM mentoring programs are here to help you grow in your HR career.

Get Involved

Everyone can benefit from having a mentor, but did you know that anyone can BE a mentor? From those who have just taken their SHRM-CP to CHROs and everyone in between, all perspectives are valuable to your peers when it comes to mentorship.

Not interested in being a mentor? SHRM has a variety of mentoring programs available that are sure to boost to your career.

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Program Options

National and local 60-90 minute virtual career mentoring events designed to increase awareness of HR career pathways, gather HR career insights, and expand HR professional networks.

A 4-week virtual career development experience that explores trending HR career pathways and develops high-demand skills in a small group setting. Through group-based mentorship and weekly, project-based learning challenges, participants will dive into the world of HR and discover more about themselves and their career goals.

Participants are matched with mentors for a 3-month, structured mentoring experience designed to assist students in clarifying career goals, developing career plans and strengthening high-demand skills in HR.

People Are Talking

SHRM Foundation recently launched a mentorship experience with national events, local events, and skill building sessions to help mentors and mentees expand their professional network. Over 600 students and professional members engaged and shared the value they gained from their experiences.


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