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Talogy has been SHRM's trusted talent assessment partner for over a decade, supporting thousands of HR professionals in hiring, developing, and transforming individuals, teams and leaders across a wide range of industries.

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SHRM members get 5 free hiring or development reports and save up to 15% off a Talogy Assessment subscription.

Assessments for your toughest talent challenges

From precision hiring and talent development to succession planning and building effective teams, Talogy provides customized talent solutions that help organizations achieve their business goals by creating a resilient, agile, and inspired workforce.

Hire and develop the best talent with Talogy Caliper

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Informed strategic decisions come from insightful data; 69% of organizations reportedly make better decisions when using data and analytics. Guide your talent strategy with insight, precision and the assurance that you’re making the right moves. Talogy Caliper makes it easier to hire effectively for critical roles, develop your current and future leaders, and make strategic talent decisions. Achieve the confidence and objectivity you need through data and objective insights.

Talogy Caliper helps you to:

  • Hire the right leaders
  • Create insights for succession planning
  • Identify your high potentials
  • Facilitate effective career pathing

Kickstart development with Talogy 360

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Organizations that invest in their people benefit from 24% higher profit margins than those that don’t, so getting it right is crucial. Create a culture for feedback and development to increase organizational effectiveness, enhance engagement and retain top talent. Talogy 360 includes customizable, engaging 360 feedback solutions, providing individuals, leaders, and teams with a tangible starting point for development.

Talogy 360 solutions can help to:

  • Increase engagement and motivation
  • Enhance performance evaluation and management
  • Identify potential and develop pathways for career progression
  • Create effective development initiatives
  • Develop leaders of today and tomorrow
  • Define role success profiles

Create and establish talent practices with Talogy Consulting Services

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Every organization is different. Our talented consulting experts focus on driving sustainable impact, through tailored talent solutions designed specifically for your organization. We harness the extensive expertise of our global team of coaches who combine their diverse backgrounds, expertise, best practice research methodologies, and proven science to create robust, personalized assessment and development programs.

Talogy Consulting Services partner with you to:

  • Build an engaged and resilient workforce
  • Design engaging and efficient high-volume solutions
  • Keep your workforce safe
  • Optimize leadership effectiveness
  • Focus on workforce well-being and motivation
  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Identify and develop your high potentials

Build an inclusive workforce with Talogy Perceptions

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In an interconnected and diverse environment, we all need to effectively work with people who are different to us. Talogy Perceptions is a unique assessment — built so you can hire and develop employees who are able to work effectively with a wide range of people. Talogy Perceptions facilitates effective team dynamics across varying perspectives and cultural backgrounds.

Talogy Perspectives brings you closer to success by:

  • Recruiting employees who work effectively with a wide range of people and customers
  • Addressing issues of inequality directly and promote an inclusive workforce
  • Developing employees’ intercultural capability
  • Addressing issues of inclusivity at the selection process

Unlock your workforce’s potential with Talogy’s industry-specific talent solutions

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Our team leverages an in-depth understanding of your sector, allowing us to understand the needs specific to your industry and provide solutions that have long-lasting business results. With deep industry expertise in talent management, we have all the solutions you need to hire smart, develop potential, and create a high-performing workforce.

Talogy provides customized solutions for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Professional services
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and utility
  • Retail
  • State and local government
  • Federal government
  • Finance and insurance

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