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Are you ready for OSHA’s new walkaround rule? Here are key steps to prepare for an inspection, including managing union reps, safeguarding confidential info, and safety compliance.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that courts must temporarily suspend arbitrable claims until arbitration concludes and don’t have the discretion to dismiss the case instead of issuing a stay.

Courts will be more lenient with plaintiffs who miss deadlines to appeal decisions due to reasons beyond their control following a U.S. Supreme Court decision reviving a federal employee’s challenge of a furlough.

Employer-sponsored volunteer programs can build goodwill within the local community and boost a company’s image. They also can help retain employees by teaching them new skills and improving their morale. However, developing a volunteer program requires time, resources and usually some money, all of which may be scarce at small companies.

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Mental Health, HR and the Workplace

SHRM research finds a gap between employees’ and leaders’ perceptions of how mentally healthy workplaces are


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