Student Membership

Student Membership

Whether it is scholarships, conferences, HR news, research reports, or networking events, SHRM Student has you covered.

​Your SHRM Student membership is an important first step in starting off strong in your HR career. Whether it is scholarships, conferences, HR news, research reports, or networking events, SHRM Student membership has you covered.

Membership Dues

Student Membership
Includes Digital Reader Issues of HR Magazine, full online access to resources (except Ask an Advisor service) and all SHRM member discounts.
 per YEAR
Upgrade to a Professional Membership
SHRM student members may upgrade to professional membership at a special 50% discounted rate that can be applied to their first two years of professional membership.
50% off 
for 2 years. 
Pay just $109.50 this year. 

Contact our Customer Experience Team.

SHRM Student Chapters:
Use the Student Chapter Directory to reach out to chapters near you. No student chapter at your school? Start your own chapter by clicking the link and emailing us about your institution.
Apply to win one of the 14 SHRM Foundation student scholarships or
The Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR Award
Stay up-to-date on HR news and trends by reading:
Watch SHRM’s weekly webcasts to learn about pressing HR issues

Information, tools, and guidelines
Internships and Jobs
Discounted Professional Membership
Continue receiving your member benefits after graduation at a 50% discount for the first 2 years of your professional membership!
Conferences and Professional Development
Global Knowledge:
Visit our global HR resources page to make sure you have the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in an increasingly global world.

Eligibility Requirements and Guidelines

Please review and confirm the eligibility requirements and join today.

  • You are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program. Students shall provide proof of enrollment in a college or university to qualify for student membership.
  • Students holding any form of a current SHRM professional, associate, retired, global, or general membership are NOT ELIGIBLE to convert to student membership. 
  • Your coursework, taken or planned, supports an interest in Human Resource Management or related degree program (not a Certificate program).

SHRM Student Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable, except in situations where an applicant does not qualify for student membership.

I have reviewed this information and confirm my eligibility for membership.


  1. What are the differences between student and professional membership?

    Student MembershipProfessional Membership
    • Dues: $49
    • Digital HR Magazine Subscription
      (note: student members do not receive the printed magazine with their membership)
    • Full access to SHRM Online 
    • 50% discounted rate for first 2 years of professional membership upon graduation.

    • 2020 Dues: $219
    • HR Magazine Print or Digital Subscription
    • Full access to SHRM Online
    • Full access to the Ask an Advisor service**

    **Benefits not included with student membership.

      1. Can I still become a student member without joining a chapter?
        Yes. Students will be considered a “student member-at-large,” meaning they have not been assigned to a student chapter. If student chapters exist at neighboring campuses, you may be able to participate in their activities with the consent of that chapter.
      1. I'm graduating soon, can I still keep my student membership?
        Yes, the student membership is a full 12 months of service, regardless of your graduation date. You can also take advantage of our exclusive upgrade deal and save big on the first two years of professional membership.

        If your graduation year has changed, we ask that you please update your information to ensure you are receiving relevant information. You can email Customer Experience or you can update your profile online.
      1. What are the dues for student membership?
        National student membership dues are $49 per year (both inside and outside the U.S.). Some local chapters collect additional dues to use for chapter projects. Local dues are paid directly to your chapter and should not be sent to SHRM.
      1. Do students have to join at the beginning of a semester or quarter?
        No. The membership does not run on a calendar year.  It is based on the anniversary date of your membership. Students can join the Society anytime throughout the year and will receive a full 12 months of service from that time.  If mailed or faxed, please note it will take 4-6 weeks for the application to be processed.
      1. What if a student is working in HR, and is also a student? Should they join as a student or a regular member?
        Regular (professional) membership is designed to meet the needs of people currently working in the HR field, while student membership is designed for individuals exploring the human resources field or preparing to enter the profession. 

        If you plan to use the membership to assist in your work as an HR practitioner, you should join as a professional member to gain full access to all services and benefits, including our Ask an Advisor service.
      1. How do students renew their memberships?
        1. Sign in to and click renew on the MYSHRM tab or return invoice with payment
        2. Fill out a new student membership application and check off 'current student member' on top. If you receive an invoice and you are still a student, or will be graduating but beginning a graduate program, you may renew as a student member. If you are no longer a student when your membership expires, or are about to graduate, you should upgrade your membership to full professional status at the special half-price rate. 
      1. How do I submit my student application?
        Membership applications may be completed and submitted electronically, via fax or by mail. 
        Fax: +1.703.535.6490, attention SHRM Customer Experience Team
        Submit Online
        Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET
      1. What are the rules for upgrading from student to professional membership?
        The basic rules are as follows: 
        • Students must be an active SHRM student member (at the national level).
        • Click here to upgrade now to a professional membership.
      1. Can students join as an International Member?
        Yes, international students can join SHRM. 
      1. What is the YPAC?
        The Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) exists to serve the interests of SHRM Young Professional members and provide guidance to SHRM for attracting and retaining non-member YPs. It also exists to ensure that SHRM Young Professional activities are relevant to members and SHRM. We currently define young professionals as age 35 and under. Visit the HR Young Professionals website.
      1. Why am I not receiving any magazines or newsletters?
        Your subscription to HR Magazine is digital and will be delivered to your email address on file.  If your preferred email address changes, please go online to update your member profile.
      1. I never received my membership information, but my check cleared the bank (or credit card was charged). What happened?
        We may have an incorrect address in our system. Please check your member profile's contract information when you log in to MYSHRM or contact the Customer Experience for assistance.
      1. Is there someone at SHRM whom I can interview for a paper I am writing?
        Please forward all inquiries to SHRM Staff will coordinate to identify a member one of SHRM’s specialty expertise panel members to handle any questions.

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