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Rethinking Performance Management Learning, Development and Knowledge Management Venkatraghavan, Associate Director, Accenture India

Anish Raju, Vice President - Human Resources, Accenture India.

In this webinar we will talk about:
- Using performance management as a strategic tool for organizational culture building
- Aligning rewards with behaviors you want to drive
- Building a case for a ‘different’ performance management system
- Key design principles for 're-engineering' your performance management system.

November 28, 2017
A Corporate Learning Revolution Learning, Development and Knowledge Management Vikrant Bhatnagar, Director of Capability & Skills Development - TATA Communications

Nikhil Sinha, Chief Business Officer - Coursera

Kavita Kurup, Head - Learning & Organizational Development - Axis Bank

In this webinar we will talk about:
- How the education paradigm is changing
- What people need to stay competitive and achieve their career aspirations which are also changing
- India specific examples of Industry trends
- What companies need to stay competitive

March 22, 2017
Rewards and Recognition as a Strategic Tool and Talent Magnet Compensation Reward and Recognition Unmesh Pawar, Global Human Resources Managing Director - Accenture

Priya Arunachalam, Total Rewards Lead - Accenture

In this webinar, we will seek to explore strategies to engage the new workforce of tomorrow. We will discuss:
- How an organization can customize their Rewards strategy to suit the needs of a changing workforce.
- How organizations can implement a fit-for-purpose R&R strategy Vs a one-size fits all
- How technology can be an enabler and a differentiator as one embarks on this journey

February 22, 2017
How to make your Talent Technology work for you in the long run Strategic HRM Rashmi Mehrotra, Solution Consultant, Asia Pacific & Japan, Cornerstone OnDemand

In this webinar we will explore how to take the vendor - customer relationship to the next level and look at the steps leading to commitment.
1. Pre Implementation - Understanding the white spaces and talent challenges that technology can help overcome
2. Partner Evaluation - Finding the right connect with a partner and their alignment with your goals
3. Implementation & Beyond - Driving user adoption & leveraging talent technology for delivering key business outcomes

February 1, 2017
Top Learning & Development Trends for 2017 Talent Developement, Engagement and retention Aditya Rajan

In this webinar, we will speak about:
- Seeing mobile learning as context, not content-driven
- Using virtual reality to enable authentic, immersive experiences
- Unshackling learning from screens and desks through augmented learning
- Adopting design thinking to go beyond conventional solutions

January 20, 2017



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From Spreadsheets to Automation: Transform your Hiring Strategy Talent Acquisition and People Flows
Sarang Brahme, Global Head, Social Recruiting - Capgemini
Rajesh Lele
Head, e-HR Projects - Tata Motors

In this webinar, we will speak about:

- Managing change in a large enterprise

- How to strike the right balance between automating the transactional processes and increasing the human quotient to improve candidate experience & engagement?

- Selecting the right technology for your hiring needs

- Introducing analytics to evaluate the success of hiring automation

- Best practices on how to make hiring easy for hiring managers

December 21, 2016
Why Australia will never beat India in Cricket Executive Coaching and Leadership Gavin Freeman, Director - Business Olympian Group

This Webinar Focused on:

- The World of Sports has moved beyond the field and into the boardroom. Now, the decisions made on the field impact the game in a much wider frame of reference. There is a reverse learning for business from our sporting legends and it is all about the killer instinct ,competitive edge and nerves of steel.

- How can lessons from Cricket:

- Help achieve your goals

- Build a high performing team and

- Stay competitive in a new environment

September 14, 2016
How the Smartest and the Best attract the Best Talent Talent Acquisition and People Flows
Ruchi Bhalla, Director Human Resources - Pitney Bowes Software India Pvt Ltd, Noida
Sashi Kumar, India Director of Sales -

This Webinar Focused on:

- Creating an alluring Employee Value Proposition

- Marketing your EVP to the Millennials

- Treating job candidates as customers

- Top Tips on optimizing your recruitment content strategy

- Journey from 'potential candidate' to 'loyal employee' or 'engaged alumni'

August 26, 2016
Learning from Our Winners - Connecting, Co-Creating and Celebrating Through Social Media Platforms-TechMahindra HR & Social Media Ms. Vrinda Pisharody, ead, Internal Communications and Rewards & Recognition, Tech Mahindra

This Webinar Focused on:

- Business Context at Tech Mahindra

- Identification and Selection Process

- Development Framework

- Key Achievements

August 11, 2016
Learning from Our Winners (SHRM HR Awards-2015) Different Strokes - Diversity & Inclusion at Aegis Diversity S.M. Gupta, Global Chief People Officer - Aegis

This Webinar Focused on:

- The Why for D&I at Aegis

- The Challenges faced in institutionalizing initiatives

- The Diversity Framework at Aegis

- The Key Enablers & some examples of initiatives taken

- The Tracking Mechanism

- The Impact on Business and Stakeholders.

August 9, 2016
The Amazing Truth about Employee R&R Programs: Rewards Efficacy & Behavioural Economics Compensation Reward and Recognition Pooja Lal, Head, Reward Planning & Strategy - BI WORLDWIDE India

This Webinar Focused on:

- Understanding the efficacy of extrinsic rewards

- Benefits of experiential and lifestyle rewards

- Behavioral economics and experiential rewards

August 3, 2016
High Impact Critical Roles - Key to Business Success Strategic HRM Shaswat Kumar, Leader - HRT & Cloud Deployment Solutions - APAC, Aon Hewitt

This Webinar Focused on:

Investments in developing critical talent have always been questioned for ROI and impact. The double edged sword of rapidly evolving business models and the need to have agility across strategy formulation and execution only underscores the importance of de-risking critical roles. HR is presented with an opportunity to create outcomes by focusing on purpose led, interconnected and a systems based thinking to help organizations turbo charge their strategy.

July 13, 2016
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