50 Best Small and Medium Places to Work


2005 50 Best Small and Medium Places to Work 

HR Magazine, July 2005So you want your business to be a great place to work? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Once again, we’ve gone to great lengths to give you comprehensive and usable information on how the following 50 companies made it on this year’s list. In fact, check the following pages and you’ll find significant additional insight and information on 19 of these 50 estimable organizations.

You can start by flipping the page and reading about the tangible ways great companies let employees know they are appreciated—whether via competitive salaries, generous bonuses and incentives, or employee ownership options.

These wallet-fattening efforts are by no means the only element necessary for creating a great company, but they are an important way of showing employees that they are valued, and that the company can be counted on to share the wealth with those who help produce it.

Money talks, as they say. And when it does, the companies on this list make sure employees hear a message that is positive and encouraging.

Since benefits are a key element of compensation, we’ve also provided sidebars focusing on the generous health and retirement programs these companies offer.

Want to see how these companies stack up against each other in terms of specific and important benchmark data? Then turn to page 52 for easy-to-read charts and tables relating to such issues as employee communication, wellness efforts and corporate structure.

Keep going and you’ll find detailed data on the top 25 small and top 25 medium companies, interspersed with in-depth profiles of a few companies that caught our eye. There is a lot of great material here; to jump directly to the parts that interest you most, check the table below:



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